Let’s celebrate Season 5 of Dexter by Designing a Dexter Vector Illustration!

1. Create a new document in Illustrator that’s 500×600 pixels. Copy and Paste your favourite Dexter image onto the canvas. If the image is to small enlarge it.

2. Using the color #f4cebe and #000000 trace the face and hair of dexter using the pen tool.

3. With the color #e5b3a1 trace some some darker tones from the image on a different layer.

4. Zoom in with the Zoom Tool, using the pen tool and the color black trace around the eyebrows and eye like this. I’m using the colors #83b70f and #659a01 for the green eyes.

5.Next trace around the lips using the color #efbab4, draw a line for the mouth with the color #282d2e  and some light tone using the color #edd7d6.

6. Change the hair color and eyebrows to #381f0a. Using the color #5b361a do some hair strands like this:

7. Using the color #dba99a draw some darker skin tone around the hair.

8. With the pen tool draw some more skin features around the nose, mouth and eyes using various skin shades.


10. Create more of a neck with the same

11. Grab the pen tool with a stroke of 1 px and a gradient of a light grey fading to white and trace around the shirt.

12. Finally create a new layer and put it underneath the other layers. Grab the rectangle tool and draw a square, make a dark blue>Lighter Blue Gradient.

Final Result