In this tutorial I’ll show you how to design a Sushi vector illustration in Adobe Illustrator.


1. Create a new document in Illustrator that’s 600×400 pixels. Make the background color #e8c98b by placing a rectangle shape over the background and locking that layer. Using the pen tool draw a plate like the one below using the color #ffffff.

2. Using the pen tool and the colors below draw some shade on the plate like this:

3. Next with the pen tool draw a rectangle shape with the grey color below, duplicate that layer. Make the above layer white and place it slightly right and down so the grey layer looks like a shadow.

Then create a light grey to none gradient shape for some more shadow.

You should end up with something like this:


4. Using the pen tool create a layer like this. Add a green gradient (the green colours I use are in the swatches section on the gradient tool bar).

Next duplicate that layer and move the layer underneath slightly to the left and bottom and make the colour #567526.

5. Lock the green layer. Create a new layer for the sushi. Using the color #1A1A00 create a sushi shape, then using the colour #ecedeb create the white ‘rice’.

Duplicate the sushi’s and add some ‘filling’, I’m using 3 colors and have added a darker tone to each filling. You can use whatever colour you want to show your favourite sushi!

6. Using the colour #f2f2f2 draw a shape like below. Next using the colour #e5c31a & #d1ab0f (for shadow) draw the egg. Then for the seaweed use the color #212121 and draw a small shape with the colro #F2F2F2 for light reflection.


7. For the chopsticks grab the pen tool and draw shapes like below using the colors I have written.

8. Next using the pen tool go along for bottom of the chopstick and draw the shadow using the colors below.

9. Repeat that process for the second chopstick.

Now go to the plate layer and duplicate the white plate. On the bottom plate layer make the color #4c341e and move it slightly to the right and bottom like below.

Using the color #4c341e create some shadow underneath the chopsticks.

Wasabi & Ginger

10. Using the colour #c3e565 draw a ‘wasabi’ shape like below, draw some shadow on the wasabi using the colour #97ad3d and a shadow on the plate with the colour #e5e5e5.

11. For the ginger create a shape like below using the pen tool and colour #d6300f, with a gradient of white going to none create some light reflection and make it less transparent. Finally using the color #e5e5e5 draw some shadow

Final Result