In this tutorial we’ll design a character called a Minion from the film Despicable Me using Adobe Illustrator.

1. Open up a new document in Illustrator, with the pen tool draw a shape like this using the color #ffc50c

2. Draw 2 circles like this using the colors black and grey.

3. Next draw an eye shape like this using the color white.

4.Again with the circle tool draw 2 circles for the eye. With the larger circle make the fill color brown and stroke color black with a 1px stroke and make the second circle black. Create a new layer to go underneath all of the circles and above the body. Draw a circle picture and make it a gradient fill to look like this image.

5. Now zoom in to the image, draw the strap and 2 metal parts with an added gradient like this using the pen tool.

6. Zoom in to the mouth area and draw a mouth like this, I’ve used the colors: #2d2d2d, white and #ff1f44

7. Using the pen tool draw some overalls using a gradient with the colors #28303b and #717984

8. Now add the logo, 2 buttons and creases to the overalls using the pen tool.9. Now create an arm and hand. Using a gradient that ‘none to black’ create this shadow using the pen tool.

10. Draw another arm and hand, and some feet.

11. Zoom in to the Minions head, using a 2pt Oval Brush that’s 1pt Stroke draw some hair like this using the color black.

11. Lastly Put all the body layers into a folder. Create a new layer underneath the folder, and with the rectangle tool draw the background. Create a gradient on the shape with the colors: #c1d0d5 and #f9fafc. With the pen tool draw a shadow shape on a new layer using the color black, make the opacity for the shape 15%.

Final Result