Homeowners with small gardens are often looking for ways to make their gardens appear bigger. Having a limited space to work with can make you feel uninspired and many people think their dream gardens are unattainable because they simply don’t have enough space.

Well, in today’s blog we’re going to take a look at a some of the different ways you can make your garden look bigger using different design techniques.

Add a raised deck

One of the best ways to make your garden appear bigger is to build up rather than out! Adding something like a raised deck can make your garden more appealing without taking up too much of your valuable surface area. Having different levels in your garden is a great way to showcase different textures and designs without filling your small garden space entirely.

We’ve seen lots of beautiful raised decks, made using TimberTech’s composite decking. This is a great choice for small gardens because it’s durable, long lasting This means you can enjoy your new raised deck, unincumbered by maintenance and repair tasks!

Keep it minimal

There’s definitely no harm in keeping things simple if you want to make your garden appear bigger. Too many plants and ornaments can make a space feel overcrowded, small and poorly thought out. To combat this, you could keep you garden design very minimal.

This might mean installing a very small deck or patio, a no-fuss BBQ area or a simple seating area. Clean lines, contemporary colours and modern, minimal accessories will make your garden appear much bigger than it really is.

Create the illusion of length or width

Another great way to make a small garden space look bigger is to use lines to draw the eye along or across the garden. This is a principle we see used a lot in fashion, horizontal lines can make a person appear wider, while vertical lines will add length and make someone appear taller.

Taking this logic and applying it to your garden space is a great way to give the illusion of a larger garden. If your garden is wide, but not very long, try laying your decking or outdoor paving from the back door to the foot of the garden to add depth. Similarly, if your garden lacks width, lay your decking or paving from left to right. This will give the illusion that your small garden is much wider than it actually is.

Of course, you can achieve a similar effect using garden features other than flooring. You can add plants, hedges, and trees in a way that emphasises the length or width of your garden too. This is a design trick that home and garden designers have been using for years (because it really works).

Divide into zones or sections

The final thing you can do if you want to make your garden appear bigger is divide the garden into different zones or sections. Splitting your garden down gives you opportunity to try out a few different design ideas and utilising your space properly can actually make it look bigger. However, it’s important that you plan you garden division properly, otherwise the finished space can look disorganised and cluttered.

We’d recommend splitting your small garden in to three or four sections at most. You could have a BBQ area, an allotment area and a cosy seating area with a fire pit. Designed and installed properly, these features will make your garden look larger and more appealing.

Hopefully these design tips and tricks will help you make the most of your small garden space.