Ants are the most irritating pests of all time. What makes it worse is that they multiply quickly and can infest your house in hundreds of dozens. Most households have experienced ants’ nuisance where minutes after leaving your food, you find them all over it.

While there are basic methods to deal with ants, they may not be effective or safe, so you should look for professional ant control. They can help you eliminate ants in your household once and for all. However, while you are preparing for a professional Southborough ant control, there are some things you can do to help them completely rid your home of ants.

Ensure the safety of family members

Safety comes first. If the pest controller will use insecticides or spraying services, ensure your kids, pets, and other family members are safe by vacating the area before treatment begins.

If you have vulnerable members such as the elderly who may be asthmatic or a pregnant lady, plan where they will stay until the home is entirely free of harmful and strong insecticides.

Clean the house

The house needs to be sparkling clean so that the pest specialists can have a smooth time when dealing with the pests. Ensure you wipe counters, clean any spilled foods, dispose of food leftovers, and other ant food sources to make the baits more effective.

In addition to that, sweep and vacuum the floor. If there are carpets, you should remove them so that the controller can spray in every spot that the ants hide. That will also be important in helping the exterminator identify the ant sources.

Store food appropriately

Since you may not know what methods the exterminator will use to eliminate the ants, you should store your food appropriately to avoid contamination. Keep it in tightly closed containers and store them in the refrigerator.

Also, do not forget to store your pet’s food properly. Lock it up in a cabinet, if possible.

Dispose of waste

Before the exterminators arrive, ensure that no ant food sources such as food wastes are in the house. Dispose of it early enough and wash the refuse bin thoroughly to eliminate spills and leftovers that may have stuck on the sides.

If you recycle wastes, ensure they are tightly sealed and place it outside for collection. Alternatively, please take it to your nearest recycling center to ensure that nothing gets in the ant controllers’ way.

Let the exterminator know where you usually see ant trails and sources; if you know

when the ant controller arrives, show them where you usually see ant trails and sources if you know so that it will be easy to eliminate them. Feel free to ask the technician what method they will use to eliminate them to understand what safety measures to observe after the treatment.

Liaise with your ant controller

It would be best if you were on the same page with your ant controller to eliminate them successfully. Ask them what precautionary measures you should take before the treatment.

For instance, if they will use external garden spray or bait, ensure you don’t water your garden for the next three days as it can negatively counter the treatment. You can water it to the maximum a day before the application.

After the treatment

Be patient

Ants don’t disappear immediately after treatment, so you need to be patient. The ants will take time to collect the bait and take it back to the colonies to feed the others, including their most reproductive queen.

Avoid cleaning agents near ant trails.

The ants will still be using the trails to take the bait to their colonies, so do not quickly clean it up.

Lastly, do not disturb the ants.

Do not try to spray or eliminate ants that are still collecting or feeding on the bait.

Final Words

Cooperate with your ant controller so that you help eliminate the ants.