The bathroom is perhaps the best place to get ready for the day. Every human being in their daily lives is more or less connected to bathrooms.

Therefore, it’s essential to design bathrooms to make them the perfect refreshing place for everyone — this is one of the reasons why contemporary bathroom designs are trending in residential spaces.

Getting fresh, stylish and contemporary bathroom ideas can be tough, especially when you want a sophisticated countertop.

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In this article, we will share some stylish modern-day bathroom design ideas. So, let’s get started.

Appearance of the bathroom

The first thing that every person notes when they enter the bathroom is its appearance. Try to keep it simple. For example, add a toilet and sink first before installing a full-sized bathtub. Assessing the basic needs first can help streamline the design process.

How to make a simple bathroom look contemporary?

The most contemporary bathrooms you find in the five-star hotels are spa-inspired. You can create that spa vibe by using a monochromatic color scheme like sapphire blue and sea-foam green for spring and flamingo pink or chartreuse for summers. The other way to make your simple bathroom look expensive is to use different lighting combinations, which can transform a plain space into a high-end showpiece. Go for the modern lights like pendants and track lighting.

A few options go well, like darker granite flooring, which adds a unique appeal to the bathroom. Black granites can be a great option. Still, you can opt for chocolate color granite, which adds a contrasting appeal to the bathroom. Even lighter wood floors can do wonders for you.

Bathroom designing: Materials and color combination

The foremost thing is to consider your choice of material where you can incorporate other materials like wood, stone, quartz, and porcelain.

The next thing is to choose your color combination. It’s always recommended to use simple, sleek, and stark choices like accent shades and several tints of colors. The color grey is one of the leading choices for many interior designers, as it’s soothing and easy to match. For example, you can choose cabinets in grey shades while the wall spaces can be in lighter colors. You can even add metallic hardware for a polished finish.

How to make your bathroom look spacious?

Depending on the size of your bathroom, clean lines, geometrical patterns, flowing curves, and sharp angles should be your choice for smaller bathrooms. You can even use this idea for an enormous bathroom. Additionally, angular double sink and cabinet combinations in various materials like glass, stainless steel, and copper can go well in most bathroom spaces.

Try to make your bathroom spacious for small contemporary bathroom designs. Avoid additional furniture and accessories. Preferably, add a mirror or opt for a curb less glass shower, making your small-size bathroom feel more spacious and luxurious. These options, along with a neutral color scheme, can create a feeling of openness.

Next, you need to find the right countertop and backsplash. It’s advisable to use a durable material, like engineered quartz, for the countertop. Last, try to keep the decorations as minimal as possible. Even if you do, use bolder choices, like decorative items of the same color.

Use of natural light and other helpful tips

One of the secrets of a contemporary bathroom is to make the best use of natural light. Add a large window near your bathing tub for the natural light to come, giving your bathroom a modern look. You can even place decorative items like indoor plants, hanging planters, or a piece of coral on the windows for a beautiful look and enhanced privacy. The tub you are using should be oval-shaped, rectangular, or cornered for the best results.

Finally, add inexpensive accent pieces like a new rug, stylish towels, hamper, artwork, mirror frame, or stylish stools for keeping the daily essentials. You can also give your shampoos and conditioners a stylish look by placing them into neutral or non-branded elegant bottles.


Adding a custom wallpaper to the walls can be a brilliant choice for your bathroom. Wallpapers with elegant crown molding add an aesthetic appeal. The best place for these wallpapers is a powder room or guest bath area. You can even go for temporary or renter wallpapers instead of a paste-type wallpaper.

Common mistakes you should avoid

Besides designing your contemporary bathroom, it is important to avoid several mistakes, which can cause an avoidable issue later on.

Here are a few details that homeowners need to keep in mind while designing a new bathroom in a residential space:

  • Exhaust fans are something we ignore during the renovating or designing process for a contemporary bathroom. Without proper ventilation, humidity gets trapped inside, resulting in suffocation and deteriorating the paints and metals.
  • Always consider the functional aspect of the bathroom more than its looks. Make sure that the new layout satisfies the building codes.
  • To get quality and contemporary bathroom ideas, go for a systematic plan. Accurate measurements of expected cost and type of materials should be decided beforehand to prevent making things complicated.
  • At times, homeowners unknowingly choose the wrong or poor materials, which can cause issues down the line. The major reason behind this is the high moisture level and quick temperature shifts, which stresses the material. Ensure that the wallpapers you are using in your bathroom are waterproof.

Bathroom contemporary design: Takeaway

Are you still confused about which material to utilize for countertops and flooring? It may be better to stick to quartz, which never gets out-of-date or out of style.

It is a great material that you can use to design the contemporary bathroom of your dreams. High-quality quartz countertops are durable, stylish and affordable, making them a solid choice for contemporary bathroom designs.

Bonus tip

A bonus tip would be to use glass walls around the bathing tub to add an ultra-modern effect to your bathroom. Also, it’s important to clean your bathroom regularly to ensure its longevity.