Matching pet names, outfits, and tattoos! Been there, done that. And trust me, nothing expresses love more than the last set of choices— tattoos. Yet, therein lies a problem. The problem of cringe. Despite being credible romantic validations, Tattoos tend to get a tad overboard when emotions are concerned. Just imagine getting the names of the respective partners inked on the wrists, only to fall apart a year later, Cringe, isn’t it?

Considering these tacky challenges, I have finally compiled a list of 15 tattoo ideas that are anything but cheesy. And despite the practicality on display, these tattoos still happen to be the most permanent ideas to celebrate the feeling of undying love.

Mismatched Tattoos

Sounds confusing! Well, don’t be as mismatched tattoos are absolutely in fashion. In fact, one tattoo idea complements the other. Imagine sending an ‘OK (: ‘ emoji or text to someone. Now imagine the scenario where one partner has ‘OK’ inked on the fingers, and the other has the ‘(:.’ The mismatch actually completes a set pattern and makes the tattoo complete— just like the love within,

Carrot and the Bunny

This is one of the more colorful options that you can go for. And it’s more of a fun tattoo that allows you to experiment with a wide range of body-specific regions. The concept remains simple— a shy bunny and an orange carrot. The size of the tattoos depends on the body part you plan to go with.


Imagine getting some circles and dots inked on your forearm and ensuring that your partner gets the same. If you fixate on symbols, you can always get too specific and get Mayan letters inked on your body. Also, if you want to add a hint of minimalism to the tattoos, steely gray or black undertones make a lot of sense. Also, if dots are a part of your tattooing plan, it is important that the artist makes use of the top-rated coil tattoo machines.


Stoked by how these letters are placed! Well, that is what the plan is as ‘Love’ being a unifying force has the same impact as two separate tattoos. In simple terms, the feeling looks more like two separate halves of the same heart.


Here is a fun tattoo idea for you, and noodles are just a part of that strategy. You can ink any first-time meal that both of you shared to reminisce the time spent together. And unless the meal had cheese in it, it won’t get cheesy at all.

The Game Couple

If both of you are into gaming, getting matching tattoos, especially a tag-team emblem or a soccer field tag, might be a good option. And if you still hail from the Mario culture, getting hold of pixellated tattoos is also a good choice.

Symbiote Stars

No, I am not talking about the standard stars here. That would be way too tacky. Instead, if you have seen Tom Hardy’s venom, you would be able to note that symbiotes can take up any possible shape— even the stars.

The Fandom

Do you follow a cult? Not the usual one but the one with superheroes. It can be a standard marvel family or the DC universe. Or, you can get something from the Dragonball Z family inked to show love and craze, all at the same time.

My Sunshine

In case you consider your partner as the love or rather light of your life, getting ‘Suns’ inked might make a lot of sense. A sun even keeps the energy levels intact. And the trick to not look cheesy is to make sure that the sun designs vary a bit.


First of all, don’t get one first as that might rub off wrong, in a way that you are considering your partner as a snake. Just kidding! However, getting the Slytherins inked together can mean that you are intertwined and virtually inseparable.

Starry Nights

These aren’t the tacky and usual stars. Instead, you can get guiding stars inked on the respective arms to ensure that the poetic and celestial entities are with you till eternity.

Movie Buffs

Traditional symbols project love and affection are fine. But that if you choose to go with something edgy, like a couple of movie characters that were inseparable in a movie. For instance, ‘Rocky and Adrian.’

Full Circle

Getting circles of varying shapes and sizes can also make sense if you want to give a fun twist to your tattooing journey. While one tattoo can replicate a barbed wire, the other can be more direct and look like a circle of hope. And circles give you ample space to highlight those initials as well.


Cherries have to be my favorites as these tattoos are minimalist yet allow you to play with two key colors— red and green. You can either get one cherry inked or double up the entire design to make the entire setup look like a bunch.

Pizza Slice

Hey, we just had the Bitcoin Pizza day, right! Well, on the 22nd of May. Yet, it isn’t too late to get two pizza slices inked on your and your partner’s arm, maybe even the wrist, to pay homage to this unintentional yet era-defining goof-up.

Yes. a person exchanging two pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins is certain a goof-up.

And that’s what my choices would be for a couple in love. Each tattoo mentioned above is novel and presents a different perspective on love. And yes, I do have a few more in mind. But that’s a discussion for some other day.