How to download older versions of WhatsApp Messenger. As designers we struggle with a myriad of communications tools and sometimes technical progress isn’t everything. The latest software release isn’t always the best and so on. Often designers like and work in different parts of the country or even the world and tools such as WhatsApp are excellent ways to stay in touch. Old WhatsApp versions can offer access to retired features that were once useful.

Download Old WhatsApp and wallpapers

Download old Whatsapp and wallpapers right here

As is the case with WhatsApp instant messenger. WhatsApp is a very popular encrypted messenger app that supports group collaborative chats and working. WhatsApp is mainly used with the latest and most popular smart phones that run the iOS or Android operating systems. It is arguably the market leader although it is similar to alternatives such as the Viber app in many ways.

Download Older Versions of WhatsApp

Download Older Versions of WhatsApp Messenger

Download Older Versions of WhatsApp Messenger: Stay on the pulse and find the best download locations for old versions of this popular messaging software. Which is perfect for collaborative project work of all types.

As of 2017 WhatsApp instant messenger is several years old. During this time some older features have been removed or updated. Meaning that older versions of WhatsApp may function differently from the most recent release.

WhatsApp Messenger also runs on tablet devices and on desktop computers under certain operating conditions. Of course the vast majority of people have WhatsApp installed on their smartphone, ie iPhone or Android based phone.

For designers engaged in demanding collaborative projects based in different locations. WhatsApp Messenger is by far the most useful way of rapidly sending messages to coworkers on your smart phone.

Using WhatsApp for Collaborative Working

Using Old Versions of WhatsApp : Old WhatsApp Version

Using Old Versions of WhatsApp: Depreciated software versions maybe highly attractive to users seeking highly specific software functionality for collaborative team working.

WhatsApp Instant Messenger enables people to reach out to any contact or friend who is saved on the mobile phones current contact list. As such it is a very popular collaborative design tool for planning the scope and fulfilment of large complex projects.

The only software requirement and also a caveat for some users. Is that the other people must also have WhatsApp also installed on their own device and the versions may need to line up. So consider for a moment why a person may wish to download older versions of WhatApp and the exact benefits and disadvantages of doing so.

Advantages of Using an Older Version of WhatsApp

  • Older versions of WhatsApp include useful deactivated features
  • Older WhatsApp versions will use depreciated GUI
  • You may miss retired versions and desire their return

Disadvantages of Using an Older Version of WhatsApp

  • Older versions may have bugs and not work with newer clients
  • May compromise phone security and invalidate support
  • Older WhatsApp versions might not use content encryption
  • Will not have features added in newer versions of WhatsApp
  • Older WhatsApp versions may not be compatible with newer phones

At the present point in time in 2017, WhatsApp is compatible with just about all mobile operating systems on the cell phone market. These operating systems include: Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone. However beware that older versions of WhatApp may not be.

How to Download Old Versions of WhatsApp

The good news for those professional hunting for older versions of the software is that places do exist where it is possible to download earlier versions of the WhatsApp application. In doing so users may take advantage of particular features that they may be unavailable in the latest WhatsApp release.

One such place that we recommend is via this feature post. Download Old Versions of WhatsApp. Here on DesignBump you will find awesome connections to every previous version of WhatsApp to download and install on Android phones and devices. So where to go first to download older versions?

Older WhatsApp Version Download Locations

We recommend trying these places to access old WhatsApp versions and older builds of this very useful design and efficient tool and others like it.

It helps of course if you know the precise WhatsApp build number to use. For example : WhatsApp Messenger 2.17.181 and so forth. Bear in mind that downloading historical software such as this may be very problematic and invalidate any support that you may be entitled to. If the latest version is fine for your needs, then naturally it makes sense to keep using that.