Are you a History buff or know someone who is? Why not surprise them with a history inspired gift idea. Today we’ll be taking a look at some quirky and inspiration filled history gift ideas that have the spotlight on an historical topic or event.

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Fun and Creative History Gift Ideas

With some creative and fun gift ideas for history buffs like finger puppets of some of the most badass females that have ever lived. Or how about a Abraham Lincoln inspired history buff T-Shirt. Or perhaps a travel mug that brings together all of Henry VIII’s various wives over the years.

Or what about a shirt that celebrates Frederick Douglass’s excellence or even a way to display the Gandhi quote they wish to see in the world! You see history is cool, which is why you study it in school. Not only that the passing of time means that all sorts of items eventually become rareties to pay homage to.

Perhaps the extinct dinosaurs are the most remarkable reminder of distant history. We find exceptional examples of their past all the time. Such as this most recent discovery of a perfectly preserved fossilised dinosaur. An example of what were once very common items that only increase in scarcity and importance. Just like first edition 1986 copies of Slippery When Wet you might say.

All good humor aside history makes for great gift ideas and opens up all kinds of design possibilities. Everything from vintage wine to old cars, vinyl and apparel make the grade. Take a browse across some of these history gift ideas.

1. A shirt that proclaims exactly what kind of person they really are.

Etsy / Via

$14.95 on Etsy.

2. An iPhone case will suffice, as well.

Cafepress / Via

$19.99 on Cafepress.

3. Finger puppets of some of the most badass females that have ever lived.

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild / Via

Like Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, and Rosa Parks. $6.95 each from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild.

4. A Rosetta Stone flash drive.

British Museum / Via

£9.99 from The British Museum.

5. A Travel Mug That Brings Together All of Henry VIII’s Wives.

Where is the fun in just having one. If it was quite alright for an ancient King of England to have multiple wives to keep him company all those years ago, then why not?

Cafepress / Via

$22.99 on Cafepress.

6. Or this card, if you’ve had a heady past together.

Etsy / Via

Pun intended.

$4.50 on Etsy.

7. A punny piece of wall art inspired by Genghis Khan.

Etsy / Via

$5 on Etsy.

8. Revolutionary earrings that channel the Constitution.

Etsy / Via

$12.95 on Etsy.

9. A Napoleon Bonaparte wall decal to watch over them.

Etsy / Via

He may have been short, but this will loom tall over any room.

$23.94 on Etsy.

10. A mug that celebrates the Supreme Court’s highs and lows.

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild / Via

The names of the loser of each case appear when the mug gets heated like a courtroom battle.

$13.95 from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild.

11. Two thousand years of history condensed into an extra-useful ruler.

Readers & Writers Shop / Via

Just like Theodore Roosevelt said, “Speak softly and carry a historically accurate stick.”

$22 at Readers & Writers Shop.

12. A shirt that celebrates Frederick Douglass’s excellence.

Etsy / Via

$37 on Etsy.

13. A King Tut-tastic Tote Bag.

Now you can truly walk like an Egyptian with this awesome bag devoted to ancient Egypt.

Etsy / Via

$24.99 on Etsy.

14. Socks That Celebrate Some of the Finest US Presidents.

Amazon / Via

Bet you’ll be washing that middle one a ton. (Sorry.)

$30 on Amazon.

15. A PSA that Marie Antoinette didn’t say anything about cake.

Redbubble / Via

$24.80 from Redbubble.

16. A reminder that you can do it!

Etsy / Via

For when liquid courage isn’t enough.

$15.99 on Etsy.

17. The Original Broadway Cast Recording of Hamilton.

Amazon / Via

So they don’t throw away their shot to listen to the best show tunes in quite some time.

$22.85 on Amazon.

18. A beautiful chart that chronicles the entire history of life on earth.

Uncommon Goods / Via

$200 from Uncommon Goods.

19. A pencil sharpener shaped like a catapult.

British Museum / Via

£2.99 from The British Museum.

20. Fridge magnets that imagine terriers as historical figures.

Etsy / Via

There’s a Viking, a knight, a pharaoh, and more!

$4.24 on Etsy.

21. A poster that shows that George Washington should be glad he crossed the Delaware before iPhones were invented.

Zazzle / Via

$31.60 on Zazzle.

22. Words of wisdom from Eleanor Roosevelt.

Etsy / Via

$8.99 on Etsy.

23. A quick way to show they a-dor(e)ic ancient Greek columns.

Etsy / Via

$21.99 on Etsy.

24. A way to display the Gandhi quote they wish to see in the world.

Lookhuman / Via

$59 from Lookhuman.

25. A growler that immortalizes Benjamin Franklin’s wisdom.

Etsy / Via

$16.99 on Etsy.

26. A Kickass Coffee Table Book.

Urban Outfitters / Via

$14.95 from Urban Outfitters.

27. Or a Tome That Finally Sheds Light on History’s Forgotten Characters.

Buy Olympia / Via

$20 from Buy Olympia.

28. A tribute to the creepy, kooky, and altogether ooky John and Abigail Adams.

Etsy / Via

$5 on Etsy.

29. A hatching dinosaur candle, if prehistory is more their thing.

Firebox / Via

$45.19 on Firebox.

30. And this shirt that just really wants things to go back to the way they were.

Etsy / Via

$15.99 on Etsy.

History Gifts : Final Thought

Clearly you can keep on going, this is just a small sample of ingenius history gift ideas that will amaze and astound friends and family. Time after all stops for no one.