Those who serve in our armed forces truly sacrifice and deserve so much, and sometimes we lose sight of that. So when this man ran into a soldier before his flight, he took the time to thank the soldier for his service. However, it was how the man helped this Army man afterward that will really blow you away!

A Chance Encounter

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During his layover, a businessman noticed a U.S. Army soldier in uniform walking towards his terminal. The soldier sat down next to the man, and they got to talking about

their lives. The soldier introduced himself as Mr. Glascott and told the businessman more about himself. Glascott was so excited to get home, and had some pretty big plans lined up…

Heading Home

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Glascott told the businessman that he was on leave for a short while and was headed back to his family. It was his son’s ninth birthday, and he had a big trip planned. The entire

family would head to Great Wolf Lodge for a fun and relaxing vacation! Glascott was excited for the trip, but was even more excited just to see his family. He only had a few more hours…

An Emotional Return

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After the flight, the soldier and the businessman went their separate ways. Glascott had enjoyed their conversation, but all he really wanted was to see his family. When he saw

them at the gate, they all exchanged tearful hugs and kisses as his family welcomed him home. They turned to walk away, only to run into the businessman one last time…

A Final Goodbye

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After running into each other again, the businessman and the soldier exchanged a final handshake and goodbye. The stranger spoke to Glascott’s wife and sons as well, thanking them again for their

service as a military family and wished them the best in the future. The man would never see them again, but he had a big idea in mind for the loving family!

A Mysterious Note

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Glascott and his family traveled shortly after to Great Wolf Lodge as planned. When checking in with the receptionist, the soldier was surprised to hear that there was a note on

his account from a man named Brad. Neither Glascott nor his wife knew any Brads, or how he would know about their trip. So what could this random note possibly be about?

Well Wishes

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The receptionist told Glascott that Brad had sent a note of well wishes to the family from Atlanta. Glascott knew then that Brad was the businessman he had met at the airport!

It made his heart glad that Brad had thought enough of them to leave a nice note. However, it was what the soldier found out next that really threw him for a loop!

Paid In Full

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Glascott then handed the receptionist his credit card, ready to pay the balance for his family’s stay at the lodge. The receptionist told him that his money was no good here, confusing Glascott completely. It turns out that his account

had already been paid in full… by Brad! The businessman knew how happy Glascott was to be going home, and wanted him to enjoy his time with his family free of charge. The soldier really couldn’t believe what had happened…

Stunned To Silence

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Glascott slowly tried to process Brad’s gift to his family. Tears welled up in his eyes as he thought about had Brad had selflessly paid for their trip. Brad didn’t

need any recognition or anything; he just did it out of the kindness of his heart. His wife was standing right next to him, and she was just as shocked…

Overwhelmed With Joy

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Glascott’s wife couldn’t believe Brad’s surprise either! She was used to people thanking her husband for his service, but never anything like this. She was truly happy and overcome with emotion that a stranger would

think enough of them to pull something like this off. The family was now able to enjoy their stay at the resort free of charge! The story truly served as a great lesson for others too…

A Lesson In Giving

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Truly, it’s a lesson to be learned with this touching story. Brad gave without being asked or needing anything in return. He wanted to thank Glascott for his service to our

country in his own way. We should always look for ways to give back, not just to those in our armed forces, but to anyone we can help along the way!