Do you think chivalry is dead? You’ll think differently after reading this heartwarming story about a young man who took time out of his daily schedule to help an elderly woman. It’ll restore your faith in humanity.

Just A Typical Dinner

Heather Leigh via Facebook

Heather Leigh was having dinner with her three friends one evening at Mt. Clemens Grill in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. It was a typical night with delicious food and conversation. But that

was before Leigh noticed something she hadn’t seen in a long time occur across the restaurant. After recognizing what she was witnessing, she knew she had to document it on social media…

A Busy Restaurant

Aberdeen Proving Ground via Flickr

The restaurant was packed with hungry customers that particular evening. Every seat was filled, therefore hostesses had to request guests to wait their turn for a table. Most customers were accommodating

to the waiting period because they had a group of friends to help make the time go by faster. However, this wasn’t the case for everyone who walked into the restaurant…

Table For One

Mt. Clemens Grill via Facebook

One elderly woman was waiting for a table. There were many people who were scheduled to be seated before her, and she continued to wait patiently. While everyone else had friends or family members

to talk to as they waited, the woman was alone. She only needed a table to herself, but none were available. She thought she would have to wait forever—until something happened that changed everything…

Three Empty Chairs

Damian Gadal via Flickr

A young man across the restaurant noticed the elderly woman was standing by the door by herself. She wasn’t talking to anyone and she looked lonely. He was also alone at his own

table. Three vacant chairs were available at his table. That’s when he decided to stand up from his table and walk over to the woman, inviting her to dine with him for the evening.

Dinner For Two

RobinHiggins via Pixabay

The young man told the elderly woman that he had an empty chair at his table. He asked, “Would you like to sit with me, so you don’t have

to wait?”

The woman was surprised at his question and courtesy, but she happily accepted his offer to have dinner with him. She never imagined someone being this generous and kind…

Carefully Watching The Exchange


Once the shock wore off, the woman followed the man to his table—grateful that she no longer had to wait by herself while everyone around her was having fun.


and her friends watched the exchange with interest, with many saying “aww” at the sweet moment. But then the man did something unexpected and it surprised everyone who was watching…

Tugging At Your Heart Strings

Heather Leigh via Facebook

Instead of pulling out a chair for her to sit across from him at the table, the man pulled out the chair right next to him. Leigh and her friends couldn’t help but be amazed

at this sweet interaction.

Leigh wrote on social media, “Cue the four of us at our table with our hearts MELTING.” She shared more of what she witnessed on social media, gaining some attention for her story.

Content In Each Other’s Company

Heather Leigh via Facebook

In her now viral Facebook post, Leigh detailed what she saw as she ate her food with her friends.

“Periodically while we ate, we looked over to see them

alternately sitting quietly and chatting with ease.”

Even though these two strangers didn’t know each other, they were able to enjoy a nice meal together in each other’s company.

Social Media Shares

Many people commented on the story, saying how nice it is to see a kind-hearted, generous, and selfless young man. Others commented on how the sweet story reminds us

that acts of kindness still exist and that there are good people in the world. That’s exactly what Leigh wanted to accomplish when she shared her story on social media…

Faith In Humanity

Heather Leigh via Facebook

Leigh drew to a strong conclusion in her story, saying, “With all the ridiculousness happening in our country, it was nice to see and be reminded that there are

still good people out there.”

Good people still exist, and you can have faith in humanity. All it took was a kind young man at a restaurant to help demonstrate this.