The dining area is an integral aspect of the home. It’s reserved for mealtimes and special occasions with guests and loved ones. Sadly, most people underutilize this space or put up the wrong pieces of furniture. This can ruin the look of your living space, making your home look drab.

Are you wondering how to enhance the appeal of your dining area using tables? Well, an antique wooden set will do the trick. Solid wood tables are the in thing, and you can get superior quality solid wood tables in different styles and designs.

Is it worth investing in a wooden dining table?

Owning a wooden table is one of the wisest decisions that you can make. You can get dining sets in oak, maple, hardwood, walnut, cherry, and many other durable materials. Wooden dining tables have stood the test of time and are versatile pieces for all décor needs.

Whether you want to achieve that contemporary or rustic look in your home, you can’t go wrong with a wooden Extendable Dining Table. Wooden furniture pieces are pretty durable, and you can use your solid wood dining table for decades.

What of the color? Unlike other materials that rely on paint, you can stain your furniture to achieve that perfect color and look. What’s more, solid wood tables are easy to clean and maintain. You only need to wipe or dust to enjoy a clean, lustrous look.

How can I improve the look of my home with an antique dining table?

Your dining area doesn’t have to be boring. You can light up your space and make it more appealing. While you can opt for wall art, wall paint, and flower vases, the dining table matters a lot. It can make or ruin the entire look of your home, hence the need to make a wise selection.

If you consult any interior designer, they will advise you to choose a solid wood piece. It will do wonders to your dining space, and there are multiple ways to achieve the desired look and appeal. Check them out;

1. Size is of the essence!

Choose the right table size and shape for your space. If you have a big dining area, you’re better off with an extendable dining set. This will compliment your space, allowing you to host multiple guests at a go. It’s also easy to leave adequate elbow room with extendable tables.

Similarly, if you have limited space, a smaller-sized table works best. It will leave room for movement and create the illusion of more space. For excellent results, leave at least three feet between your chairs and the wall.

3. Be simplistic- Choose the right table designs.

You’ll get wooden dining tables in different styles. These are oval, round, square, and rectangle. The shape is a critical factor and should complement the shape of your dining room. For instance, instance, narrow rooms and big families go for a rectangular-shaped set. It will accommodate more people.

If you have a small family, a square dining set will serve the purpose. Square tables are ideal for events with fewer guests. On the other hand, a round dining table is highly portable and perfectly fits small spaces. It’s an excellent choice for social events and fosters and sense of communication between guests. Therefore, if you entertain visitors often or a large family, avoid a square table and go for rectangle or round sets.

3. Choose the right stain.

Solid wood tables come in varying stains. If your choice of stain doesn’t complement other furniture pieces in your home, this will negatively impact the look. Harwood contains more prominent pores and dense grain.

Its stain resembles paint and includes a pigment, binder, and solvent. The stain colors the wood and will affect the aesthetics of your home. Choose one that matches your home decor, and go for dark hues if you have small kids.

Final thoughts

Solid wood dining tables are a great way to remodel your home into a beautiful hub. Choose the right design and style, and consider the wood stain. The idea is to match your tables with your existing décor. So, pick the right size and shape. Also, set a stunning flower vase on the table to create a focal point.