Nevada’s motorcycle accident statistics show that an average of 5,000 motorcycle riders dies as a result of their injuries. The events are known to cause traumatic brain injuries and alter a person’s life forever. Studies show that a primary cause of the accidents is moving violations.

After an accident involving a motorcycle, victims consult an attorney about their rights. Any violation of traffic laws places the rider and others at risk on roadways. If the victim of the accident files a claim, any infractions on their behalf could lead to unforeseen costs.

Wearing Protective Gear

According to current Nevada’s traffic laws, all motorcycle riders must use a helmet and defensive gear any time their bike is running. If they are involved in an accident and weren’t wearing a helmet, the rider could face comparative fault rulings that reduce their monetary awards.

Moving violations, such as lane splitting are other contributing factors that cause accidents. In Nevada, it is not acceptable, and riders receive citations if officers catch them committing the violation. When investigating the accident, the traffic infraction could eliminate a monetary award and deem the rider at fault for the accident. Victims can contact an attorney to start a motorcycle accident claim now.

Inspections for the Bikes

All modified or rebuilt motorcycle owners must set up an inspection to ensure that the motorcycle meets all state regulations. All equipment on the bike must operate as expected. The findings must show that the tail and headlights work, the handlebars move appropriately, and the rearview mirrors aren’t damaged.

After an accident, some jurisdictions may order a new assessment of the equipment, and the rider could face penalties for violations. Law enforcement officers may test the equipment on the scene or require a mechanic to examine it after the bike is towed to a shop. Comparative fault rulings apply if any of the equipment failed to work prior to the accident, or if the altered bike model didn’t meet the current restrictions.

A Review of the Victim’s Injuries

The accidents produce serious or permanent injuries for some parties. Traumatic brain injuries, disfigurement, the loss of limb, or the loss of organ function are common injuries caused by these accidents, especially if riders violate regulations.

When starting a legal claim, the victim needs medical records to substantiate their claim. If they die as a result of their injuries, their loved ones can file a wrongful-death lawsuit according to the circumstances of the event.

What Damages Are Available?

Like auto accidents, claimants seek compensation for economic losses, including medical expenses, replacement wages, and motorcycle repairs or replacement costs. Non-economic damages are possible if the victim sustained a serious injury or disability. If the person must enter a care facility long-term, the family could seek future payments for these expenses.

Motorcycle accidents could produce more severe injuries if the rider doesn’t wear a helmet or defensive gear. Traffic violations could lead to comparative fault rulings against the victim if they were guilty of the infractions, and the judge reduces their monetary award. Lane splitting is illegal in Nevada and could deem the rider as the accountable party.

Victims of the accidents could collect compensation if they have adequate evidentiary support for their lawsuit. Their medical records must show that the responsible driver caused their injuries and resulting in incurring medical costs. By hiring an attorney the injured party could get started on a legal claim.