Floors make for the largest surface area of your home, and considering how big an impact flooring has on the feel of your space, it’s only fitting to stay critical. Unfortunately, when it comes to home flooring solutions, trends take a backseat; most times, you’re looking to cut through durability, budget, maintenance, and performance parameters. Aesthetics can only serve you so much with home flooring; take the time to dissect the materials, build and install ease of the variety of flooring options at your disposal to land your perfect match. While you’ve got decisions to make, we have the input you need.

Six factors to consider when choosing home flooring solutions

Before we go crazy on the details, it’s best to have a rough idea of what you’re in the market for. Covering the specifics of your home and lifestyle demands will help you cut through the noise to a selected few. Cross-check on the following factors before your trip to the store

  • Size- How big of a space are you looking to cover? Knowing this will help break down how much material you’ll need and draw your budget to specification.
  • ROI- Return on investment deduces the durability of your flooring choice based on the cost and materials used. Go for a top-notch selection if you’re thinking of long-term solutions and simple cost-conscious solutions as a short-term investment.
  • Wear resistance- How much wear, foot traffic, scratches and spills will your floor have to take? Wear resistance majorly centers around your lifestyle and household, the kids and pets.
  • Care- Consider the maintenance demands of your flooring choice. Are you up for a demanding flooring solution, or is effortless more of your forte?

Five Impressive Home Flooring Solutions To Look Into

When choosing floors for your home, you’re not out to get the best item on the market, but rather the best fit for you. Top-of-the-line floors could have exceptional qualities; however, each type of floor has its pros. We look at five functional floor types suitable for a home setting.


If you’re a sucker for the natural warm-toned beauty of wood, then you’ll love hardwood floors. Hardwood flooring is a derivative of solid milled wood. While the price tag may be higher for hardwood floors, it is a solution built to last. Wooden floors are versatile; with a selection ranging from oak, maple, and walnut, you’re looking at a choice that’ll effortlessly blend into any theme. On top of it all, wood maintains the capacity to be refinished- bet on fab-looking floors all year round.


Laminate flooring is a suitable alternative for homeowners with a constricted budget. Unquestionably, laminate makes for sturdy warp-resistant floors, thus an excellent substitute for carpet, hardwood, and tile flooring at reasonable pricing. Coupled with Zelta laminate floors layering of particleboard wood, rigid plastic, and tile, this flooring solution is engineered to be scratch-resistant. Additionally, the prints and patterns on laminate floors mimic wood, therefore perfectly accentuating any space and theme. Another plus with laminate floors is their installment ease- perhaps the next fun DIY project for you and your family?


Resilience, water resistance, affordability all wrapped up in one- this is the ultimate vinyl experience. Vinyl floors come in luxury plank and tile options and have a range of versatile designs oozing elegance enough to spruce any room. Vinyl feels great under your feet; it is also easy to maintain and long-lasting. So if your household’s foot traffic is crazy and packed with children and pets, vinyl is a safe bet for you.

Engineered wood

Count on engineered wood to bring the look and feel of hardwood floors into your home for half the price. Engineered wood is a solid multi-layered alternative for wooden floors providing just as good stability, warmth, and beauty to your floors as wood would. In addition, this hardwood and substrate plywood flooring can serve you for years to come with proper care. Unlike most flooring solutions, engineered wood is a warp- and moisture-resistant choice. Its multiple and easy installation options make it an excellent selection for DIYers looking to save some extra coins.

Stone flooring

Bring the outdoors into your space with natural stone flooring. Granite, travertine, marble, and sandstone are popular, appealing flooring choices that bring a wow factor into any space they are installed. The bold choice of stone flooring guarantees you unmatched quality and durability; you won’t have to worry about spills and scratches half as much with stone floors. The finishing and maintenance demands for stone flooring are purely driven by the type of stone you settle for. Another plus with stone flooring is the diversity- you can install them indoors and outdoors, and they’d still look as elegant.

Bottom Line

The market provides a multitude of home flooring options; while the vast pool of selection can be overwhelming, the range guarantees to cover all styles and possible preferences. Choosing your home flooring solutions is a decision that requires an analytical perspective that only you can give. Ultimately, it all comes down to weighing in on your household needs and lifestyle to land your perfect fit.