Menu & Navigation play a very important role in website design. Making the menu’s fun and unique can help the viewer remember your site. Here’s a collection of cool Adobe Flash Menu & Navigation Tutorials roundup to help you!

How to Build a Horizontal Sliding Menu Paddle

Design & Animate Fancy Menu Buttons

How to Create a Flash Menu in 20 Minutes

Modern Horizontal Flash Menu

Advanced Photo button with URL

Using Flash Catalyst to Design a Film Trailer Website: Structure and Navigation

Sliding menu with actionscript 3 and TweenLite

Build a Dynamic Flash Game Menu: The Accordion

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Colorful Menu with XML and ActionScript 3


Advanced color menu in flash with sound

Build a Versatile ActionScript 3.0 Menu with Masking

Vertical Menu with Actionscript 3 and XML

Advanced flash menu with effects and sound

Glass Aero Flash Menu with Fade Effect

 Advanced XML Menu with ActionScript 3

Infinite Gallery / Menu

Funky Flash Website Tutorial

Black Menu Flash Tutorial

Drop Down Menu Flash Tutorial

Shaky Flash Menu with ActionScript 3

Creating a Four-State Button With the Flash Timeline and ActionScript 3.0

Rotating Menu via ActionScript 3

Advanced and powerful flash menu with sound

Black and orange flash menu

Very advanced business flash menu

Menu using XML Flash Tutorial

Flash MovieClip Buttons Vs Simple Button Symbols. Pros And Cons of 5 Ways to Make a Button

Flash CS4 CS5.5 Animated 3D Tilting Menus: ActionScript 3.0 Tutorial

How To : Dropdown Menu in Flash Catalyst CS5

Flash CS3 CS4 CS5.5 Website Tutorial – Add Button Event Listeners in a Loop Actionscript 3.0