When you think about focal points in the home, you may or may not think of the windows in your house. The truth is, windows are more than a clear pane of glass to let light in. Durable windows offer homeowners a range of benefits that can sometimes be overlooked.

When it comes to choosing replacement windows, it can feel overwhelming to know which style you should select and which framing material and window panes. Plus, because it’s a significant project to undertake, it’s important to comb through your options before making a decision — since this is a project that is only completed every 20 years or so.

We’ve created a helpful list of the most popular window styles on the market to help you find the perfect new additions to your home.

Single & Double-Hung Windows

These styles are two of the most popular on the market for their classic aesthetic and functionality. While they can look nearly identical from afar, they possess their own qualities and benefits.

Single-hung windows are made with a single sash and slide up vertically from the bottom, while the top of the window remains fixed in place. This style is known for being low-maintenance and is an ideal style for homes with patios or walkways.

Double-hung windows are equipped with two sashes and can open from the top and the bottom. They’re often ideal for creating additional airflow through the home, particularly when the top sash is lowered.

Awning Windows

Like Casement windows, which open outwards, awning windows offer a similar approach with one exception — they open from the bottom when cranked. This type of window is ideal for homes with low-level windows as they’re more well-suited to protect against intruders. During rainfall, they also allow air to flow through the home while the rain is prevented from entering through the awning.

Slider Windows

For simplicity, slider windows are popular among busy homeowners. Since they’re not equipped with any mechanisms, they’re often more durable and easier to maintain. Their simplicity is also often translated to their price since they require less complex installation. For spaces with limited room or homes situated close together, the slider window takes up less space.

Bay Windows

For homeowners looking for a classic statement piece, the experts at Centennial Windows often recommend bay windows. This style is traditionally constructed with a fixed picture window in the middle and a pair of double-hung or casement windows on either side.

A bay window is a statement in any home and often allows for cozy benches to fit inside the home, directly under the window. It’s especially beneficial for homeowners who want to maximize their views or require ample light to grow plants in the home.


When it comes to replacing the windows in your home, there are many factors to consider. Once you’ve selected the type of window you prefer, don’t forget to research window frames and choose any paint colors if necessary. That way, your windows will be customized to fit your home’s unique personality.