Weddings at a restaurant, hotel, or even at a yard are so last year – it’s time to make the best day of your life even better!

Selecting the right location is key, and nothing could beat the beauty of the cobalt-blue hue of Lake Tahoe. Possibly the most romantic, dream-like spot of this ethereal beauty is no other than the Sand Harbor Beach.

But, what is so different about this site that makes it an undisputed winner for a Lake Tahoe wedding on the beach?

Keeping it Casual yet Beautiful

Not every wedding has to be grand and rob you of your savings. You can still enjoy that straight-out-of-a-fairytale wedding when you plan your big day at wedding venues, Lake Tahoe and stay within budget. Amazingly bright blue skies, crystal-clear water, and a light breeze – what’s not to like about!?

A Lake Tahoe wedding can be a bewitching testament of love and commitment while ensuring that things are casual yet memorable.

Rent a Boat

Why drive away with your newlywed partner in a car when you can do so in a boat? Make your wedding day all the more special with boat rental services available at the Sand Harbor. Driving away into the blue waters as the sun sets into the horizon can be a magical experience!

If you are planning a wedding in Lake Tahoe during Labor Day or Memorial Day, advance booking is a must to avoid cancellation issues due to high visitation.

Underwater Excursions Post Wedding

The Sand Harbor is perfect for a good swim after all the stress of planning your wedding. It doesn’t have any waves, currents, or those great whites. So, you can make a perfect day out of a wedding planned at Lake Tahoe. You can also hire a trained professional to help your guests enjoy the scuba diving or snorkeling experience.

Enjoy the Horse-Drawn Sleigh Ride

If yours is a winter wedding, do not forget to plan a horse-drawn sleigh ride with your bride/groom. Enjoy the spellbinding experience as you gaze at the beautiful lake by your side.

Wedding Album of Your Dreams

When choosing wedding venues in Lake Tahoe, do not forget to pick a professional Lake Tahoe wedding photographer to click some amazing pictures for your big day. Imagine a wedding album that is full of blues, greens, and all other natural colors that add to the couple’s charm. Sand Harbor also has a trail that leads to secluded areas on the beach. You can get your pictures clicked here to ensure there are no random photobombers in the background.

Book the Ramada with BBQ Services

Sand Harbor offers you a chance to book the perfect Lake Tahoe wedding chapel. This ramada is complete with electricity, water, tables, and a massive BBQ if needed. Although the ramada offers seating solutions for 100 guests, it actually has a holding capacity of 200 people. The wedding venue can be reserved by phone or in person. 

Go Green with the Pines & Cedars

Sand Harbor’s beauty is multiplied by the presence of the thick cover of cedar and pine trees. If it is sunny during your wedding, the trees can keep you cool and shaded as you take those vows and say, “I Do.”

Best Time to Get Married at the Sand Harbor

Before you start booking Lake Tahoe wedding packages, make sure you take a note of the best time to get married at the Sand Harbor. As per the official Nevada State Parks website, the right time to plan your big day is during the winter, fall, or spring months.

Summers can be crowded, and hence, it’s best to avoid planning your Lake Tahoe elopement during these months.

Comfortable Stay for your Wedding in Lake Tahoe

Whether you are on a budget or looking for a luxurious stay for your wedding at Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe, there are plenty of options to choose from. The Hyatt Regency Resort is a prime choice for couples looking for luxury along with the likes of Red Wolf Lakeside Lodge, Hampton Inn & suites, and Tahoe Sands Resort. You can also opt for pocket-friendly Airbnbs like Nonny’s Place.


Choosing wedding venues in Lake Tahoe is as easy as ABC. Given the beauty and godly scenery of the location, it would no doubt be the best decision of your life – not counting getting married. Simply remember not to plan a Lake Tahoe wedding during the peak summer months, and you are good to go! So, start inviting your guests and call in to make those reservations before you walk down the aisle. If you thought Kate Middleton wedding was breathtaking, wait till you attend yours – it sure is going to be the talk of the town!