Movies have become a part of our life. When we do not know what to do or when we are tired or bored, we look for some series to binge-watch or a good film to give thought to the mind. If you are lucky enough to have a corner where you can watch a movie with a couple of friends or family members, you might know that the more comfortable and cozy the space is, the more enjoyable your time spent in it is. Having a home movie theater is no longer a dream but quite a reality. People seem to prefer to hang out more often at home than go out. Besides, quarantine made a great impact on daily life, habits, and the way we spend our free time.

Movie prints could be a beautiful complement to your apartment that elevates your interior and reflect your personality, telling the story to your guests about who you are and what you like.

In this article, we will prove that film prints could be a game-changer in an interior of a movie lover – this could be the thing that completes your room and make it feel striking.

Complete a Home Theater

If you have a classic home theater (leather sofas and chairs, huge screen, and dark tones of interior), wall decoration is a great way to bring interest to a room. This ‘classy’ look may be a little bit tedious so you can upgrade it and make it much more interesting. Hang a poster of your favorite movie, make a gallery wall consisting of your favorite actors and actresses and this would surely be the center of attention in a room. Canvases are able to diversify the interior and brighten it up with the color – pick the contrasting or complementing color tone to go with the palette of your space.

Want to get some inspiration? Dozens of cool and unique canvases are gathered at TexelPrintArt website – you can search for a canvas by color, size, and desirable option (one-panel or multi-panel). Moreover, these guys have a customization and personalization option, so you can make a one-of-a-kind gift or get a truly unique artwork for your home.

Complement a Living Room

Tiny homes can also look intriguing and visually appealing. If you do not have a home theater in its classic meaning, you can be flexible and arrange a small corner in a living room that tells you are a fan of cinematography. Bring the bean bags, and create zoning with the help of artwork. Look for creative pieces, abstract artworks, and some local artists’ works. You can place canvases in a row – horizontal or vertical -, create a gallery wall, or simply make a floor-to-ceiling display of your favorite posters and movie moments.

Artworks always help to create an appropriate vibe of rest and entertainment. Pay attention to the color scheme of the artworks you choose, they should look harmonically if specially made for each other.

Bedroom Accent

Living rooms or home theaters are usually considered to be more appropriate places to hang a movie-themed canvas. Break the rules and think outside the box by placing a film poster in your bedroom. Some may think this is a bad idea, but take a moment and imagine the look of your bedroom complemented with a beautiful piece. A movie canvas is probably not a suitable theme for an above-bed space as opposed to some neutral prints, but it is a perfect choice for an above-table area. Besides, you can focus on black and white old movies with their lux and stylishness, elegance, and uniqueness. It is a perfect decoration to add both femininity and masculinity to a bedroom, of course depending on the style and colors of your room.

Entryway’s Icing on the Cake

It happens that homeowners are afraid to hang some wall decorations in an entryway. The reasons are different – they do not know what theme to pick, what size fits best, and what color goes to the whole interior vibe. Get creative with a wall hanging from an inspiring movie, greet your friends with a phrase from your favorite film scene or make the whole change to the interior with a visually appealing art piece featuring characters and a fantasy universe. Catch the attention of your guests from the very first moment they enter your house.

Stairway Hit

Stairways have lots of potential in terms of interior design. This is an area you are passing by every day so you want it to look fresh and inviting. What can be more inviting than a wall decoration which impresses the viewer? Movie canvases work well in this area since most of them are familiar to your guests or family members. You do not necessarily need to hang the original posters, opt for abstract artworks, minimalist phrases, or symbols. It is better to frame the prints or canvases for the luxury style. A frame is a level-up of any artwork and an instant exquisiteness to the interior. Let your favorite posters revive your space, and add sophistication and exclusiveness.

Still in doubt? Follow These Ultimate Tips

Choosing a perfect movie canvas is much easier if you take into account the following recommendations.

– Pick the right location. The aim of art is to catch the attention and make you want to look at it closer. Place your artwork at an eye-level height, opposite a sofa creating a focal point and the main center of the room.

– Choose a theme wisely. Pick a theme that is familiar to your guests, this is when the conversation begins. Put graphics, celebrities, movie covers, or phrases that almost everyone can relate with.

– Style and color. Film covers variety impresses! You can sort them by color and arrange them in the way you want them. Consult the color wheel and choose the scheme which correlates with your interior and looks cohesive.

– Consider size and proportion. Consider the size of the wall and your space, the size of the furniture, and other decors you have. Your canvas might get lost in an abundance of some other decoration. A tiny print on a blank huge wall may seem lonely and unfinished. Follow the rule of proportion and you will create a harmonious space to spend with your dear and near watching movies on Saturday evenings.


Styling your space with movie prints is easy and fun if you know how to do it right. Before purchasing your future décor star, consider the size, color and theme you need. Also, take care of the vibe you want to create.

Canvases are there to help you diversify your interior, make your living space even more pleasing and beautiful.