Are you a curvy bride who is hesitant to step inside a lingerie store because of your size? Do you fear you won’t find the right size or look great in lingerie? Well, put those fears and worries aside for a while and never look back at them.

Consider being a plus-size woman an added advantage when it comes to weddings. Your size can help you shop for some gorgeous wedding intimates to wear post-wedding. However, you need to be optimistic about your body figure and embrace it as soon as possible. If not, how can you expect the same from your partner? If you want to feel loved by others, show some to yourself too.

Every bride gets super nervous and overwhelmed before their big day. You must have the same feeling and what is a better way to feel good than shopping? Yes, it is time to shop for the post-wedding days and invest in some good wedding intimates.

Please keep in mind that lingerie shopping takes time. Instead of rushing the process, take your time and opt for premium quality intimates. Two to three good-quality wedding intimates are much better than buying cheap fabric in bulk.

Also, the moment you enter a good lingerie store, you will fall in love with the place. Such stores promote body inclusivity and encourage more plus-size women to shop for intimates. These shops usually have various plus size intimates in stock for you to explore.

If you do not know which styles will look best for you, here is a guide just for you; knowing your options will help you find the best wedding intimates out there.

1- Never Say No to Lace

Who does not look good in lace? As a plus-size bride, you ought to feel sexy in an all-white lace bralette and thong. If you are bored with white, you can also choose another color, like cherry red or black. The best thing about wearing lace is that it hugs your figure and accentuates those curves you have.

No more hiding that beautiful body, especially in front of your partner. Moreover, wedding intimates made out of lace feel luxurious and comfortable at the same time. Often, women wear uncomfortable intimates to please their partners.

Thanks to lace lingerie having intricate detailing, you can feel like a million bucks without losing your comfort. Take a look online to find the best lace lingerie for you. There are sites like EBY where you can find the perfect match for your special day.

2- Go Extra with a Sumptuous Bodysuit

As a plus-size bride, this is your chance to look flawless in the bedroom with a sexy bodysuit. Luckily for you, bodysuits come in different designs and fabrics. If you are looking for something different and unique, a bodysuit is a good choice.

Most curvy brides opt for this bodysuit as it complements their figures in the best way possible. It has beautiful cutouts near the belly and chest, with strappy details everywhere. If you want to look edgy and extra sensual in front of your partner, buying a bodysuit in different colors will do the job.

3- Get your Hands on a Silk Robe with Lace Trims

Who says silk robes with G-string are out of fashion? No one! Because they are one of the best classic intimates, you can find in any lingerie store. Most of the wedding robes come in silk as it is a luxurious fabric with a nice fall.

While looking for a wedding robe set, look for the one with lace trims, as it adds a nice texture to the robe. When a beautiful robe is paired with a G-string, it helps complete the look, and you feel appealing to your partner. Not just that, but this is the safest option for a bride-to-be who is still exploring her intimate style.

4- Do not Turn Down a Corset with Thong 

A sexy corset is made for plus-size, curvy brides! If you want to up your intimacy post-wedding, invest in an exquisite corset and feel the same. A corset will help in drawing attention to those beautiful curves of your body.

It has a sturdy structure for the bodice, but that does not mean it will suffocate you. Try to get your hands on a premium corset with soft material that cinches your waist and gives you some extra curves. Since a corset has laces at the back, you can adjust the size according to your comfort.

When paired with a matching thong, you will look extremely stunning on your wedding night.

5- Go Elegant and Sensual with a Silk Slip 

If you prefer comfort over fashion but want to look elegant simultaneously, opt for a silk slip. A short silk slip dress will guarantee to make you feel attractive and sophisticated on your wedding night. It is every woman’s go-to lingerie option because of how smooth it looks.

Silk slips have been a part of intimate fashion for a long time. Something so elegant like this cannot go out of style. So if you think all the wedding festivities will exhaust you, choose a silk slip with matching panties. It will make you feel beautiful and comfortable without stressing much about it.

The Bottom Line:

All the intimate wedding styles discussed above are a great starter pack for all curvy brides. However, to look striking and effortless in sensual lingerie, they must accept their body type. Wearing intimates in front of your partner is a bold move, and one needs to have the confidence to do that.

If you are still conscious about your figure, try to let go of such thoughts and learn to love yourself.

After meeting the right partner and showing your beautiful figure to them, you will understand that you were worried about nothing.

You will realize how you were obsessing over the wrong thing and that wedding intimates are made for women like you! So consider wedding intimate shopping a journey towards self-acceptance and enjoy your wedding days to the fullest.