A really good design is all about making people want to use your website. Not only how it looks matter. Everything matters: the colors, the shapes, the sounds. The details. You can’t win without necessary dedication. You can’t have good design without necessary attention to details.

That’s where ready-made templates come in. Making a website on your own could be a terrifying experience. You have too much to look at, too much to think about. A dedicated team of specialists will make a website of your dreams, that’s true. But are you ready to pay for it? It’s not cheap.

On the other hand, with the ready-made templates you have a website you desire for a very moderate price. The best thing? Those designs were built from the ground up with the thought and dedication required to make a great design.

Have you heard about the latest trends on the Internet? It’s “flat”: a new way not only to build your website, but a new way to look at it too. Flat design means being modern and being different. All the major companies are going flat: you should do it too. It only means that your customer will have a different, better experience.

So what does ‘flat’ embody? There are a few levels to it. Firstly, it means uncluttering the design of your website to a point, when only the necessities are left. It might seem a bit extreme, but it will make a difference. Secondly, it means making the layout of your design as simple to understand as possible. At last, you lose all the loud and distracting elements that so often make ‘unflat’ design so confusing.

Today we present you a list of 20 best pre-built templates that are flat, beautiful and friendly. Still not convinced you should go with a ready-made design? Look at the benefits:

Only a Hundred

A good-looking ready-made template usually costs around a hundred dollars. It’s a very different price compared to a custom design: they usually cost thousands.

Saves Time

Custom designs doesn’t only cost a lot, they also tend to steal your time. For months you are waiting for the design you ordered, only to find out that it doesn’t suit your needs… And you should wait again. Not anymore: pre-built templates could be installed today.

Built by Professionals

Ready-made themes were built by people who know not only how to make sites attractive, but also how to make them useful and helpful.

There’s Support, Licenses & Choice

Not sure how to install your ready-made template? An established template provider, such as TemplateMonster, will provide you with a helpful support service. They will answer any questions you have.

There’s also a nice bonus in the package: each image included in the demos you see below will be included into your order. You will receive a license to use them how you see fit.

Finally, if you don’t see anything suitable for you in our list below, you can always visit the design collection of a preferred template provider and look find something there. Possibilities are endless.

20 Best Flat Designs

A Ready-Made Flat Theme for an IT Consulting of Tomorrow

IT Responsive Website Template

A very impressive template made for IT consulting. The warm, red palette easily produces the feeling of love you have for IT. Those who care, win. With this template you show that you care.

Details |  Demo


A Pre-Built Flat Template for a Different Kind of Bakery

Bakery Responsive Website Template

Choose this template if you want to have the nicest bakery you can imagine. Pretty colors and simple layout are exactly what you need for an attractive website.

Details |  Demo


A Professionally Designed Theme for an Agriculture That Matters

Farm Responsive Website Template

An expressive template on agriculture. A single red line in the header brings a thematic urgency to it — just what you need to tell your story. After all, there’s no other day to fight for a healthy future but today.

Details |  Demo


A Pre-Built Flat Template for an Online Casino

Online Casino Responsive Website Template

A stylish, original template for a successful online casino. Only three colors are being used here, which is a sure way to create a simple website environment.

Details |  Demo


A Flat Ready-Made Template for an Unforgettable Wedding

Wedding Planner Responsive Website Template

It’s all about being in a fairy tale. This template, with its simple two-color contrast and a huge image in the header will be a bright illustration, that your wedding agency is a sure way to have an unforgettable happy beginning.

Details |  Demo


A Flat Pre-Built Template for a Marketing Agency

Marketing Agency Responsive Website Template

Minimalistic template the beauty of which is subtlety. A few thought-out details really make all the difference in the world.

Details |  Demo


A Clean Flat Design for a Better Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Responsive WordPress Theme

What is the idea behind air conditioning? To make you feel refreshed. To make you breathe easier. To clean the environment. Think about that when you look at this template, created specifically for an air conditioning enterprise.

Details |  Demo


A Flat Ready-Made Theme for a Bright Management

Management Company Responsive Website Template

To manage people you need to know how to manage the information flow. This clean template is very informative and has all the necessary information right on the main page.

Details |  Demo


A Pre-Built Flat Template for a Fishing Experience Website

Fishing Responsive WordPress Theme

A high-definition design to highlight that fishing is something very special. Your pictures are sure to stand out with the black background in this template. This could be a website on emotions that fishing is giving.

Details |  Demo


A Flat Design for a New Chapter of Life

Job Portal Responsive Website Template

Seeking for a new job is an exciting period. You have an opportunity to change who you are and how you live. The bright red colors in this template create an atmosphere of a thrilling journey.

Details |  Demo


Construction Company Responsive Website Template

Construction Company Responsive Website Template

It is not easy to build something that will stand the test of time. If you are dealing with the business of timeless construction, this design is the best choice you have for your website. It’s not only simple, it’s confident too.

Details |  Demo


A Flat Moto CMS Template for a Portfolio You Need

Photographer Portfolio Moto CMS HTML Template

Every photographer knows that portfolio is one of the most important tools in the job, alongside the camera. It’s how you show the world your works. Choosing this original template for your portfolio is a nice way to create a context your work deserves.

Details |  Demo


A Flat Template for a European Restaurant

European Restaurant Responsive Website Template

A fresh, creative design that is bound to be remembered. It’s an important quality in the modern Internet. What’s even better, the crisp images of the meals you serve in the background will instantly make your visitors hungry.

Details |  Demo


A Flat Ready-Made Theme for Simple Packaging Website

Packaging Responsive Website Template

Only the essentials are being used in this template. A few pictures. A few blocks of text with important details described. It’s not only simple: it also shows that you know what is essential in your business.

Details |  Demo


A Flat Design for Enjoyable Management

Management Company Responsive Website Template

A very pleasant design. There’s a visible connection between your company and your website. Having such a nice, pleasant design means that working with you is also enjoyable.

Details |  Demo


A Creative Flat Template for a Different Construction Company

Construction Company Responsive Website Template

A fun template for a construction company that wants to create a bright and creative future. The combination of colors and pictures in this design definitely makes everybody want to be a part of that future.

Details |  Demo


A Flat Ready-Made Template to Tell Others about Yourself

Personal Page Responsive Website Template

Having a website that looks like this is a sure way to get the world to know about you. It’s impossible to be successful if nobody knows what your talent is. Tell them!

Details |  Demo


A Flat Magento Theme for Computers that Matter

Computers Magento Theme

It is a fabulous designer template that will instantly make your service fashionable. There’s a lot of thought behind this template.

Details |  Demo


A Flat PetaShop Design for Your Own Conditioning

Conditioning PrestaShop Theme

This theme was designed to be enjoyed. However, it’s also very informative and thus combines the two most important qualities of a successful commercial shop: being simple and useful.

Details |  Demo


A Flat Ready-Made Template for a Life Coach

Life Coach Responsive Website Template

Changing one’s life is no easy business. A successful life coach knows, that it is done in small steps. These steps should be expressive, simple and powerful enough to carry the person from one achievement to another. Just like this template.

Details |  Demo