When you have guests staying over at your house for a spell, it’s important to keep them entertained and happy. After all, you’ll want to show off the best parts of your home and neighborhood to your friends, while being a good host. But sometimes you can lack inspiration. Below, we explore some fun activities you can try to entertain your houseguests.

Be a good host

Before you try any activities though, the fundamental part of looking after your houseguests is being a good host. For a start, you’ll need to keep your guests well-fed and provide them with drinks. It helps if you give them a tour of your home at the start so that they can settle in quickly. Beyond this, a good host should read the mood and know when to wind down or entertain their guests. Plus, planning activities is essential, with some of the best options below.

Show them around

For a start, you should show your guests around. This begins with a tour of your home: you should show them where all the amenities are and make them feel welcome. After this, it’s worth showing them around the neighborhood so they can get to grips with the village, town or city you live in.

Good food

Whether you’re cooking yourself or going out for dinner, it’s important to keep your guests happy and well fed. Try taking them to your favorite local restaurant or maybe pick out the perfect recipe for a feast with your friends.

Try a getaway

Once your guests have settled in, you could also try a getaway. This can be a great way to explore other areas of England with your guests. For instance, by booking trains to York, you and your guests can take in one of the most storied and historic cities in the UK.

Enjoy the countryside

It can be hectic when you have guests staying over. As a host, you should be able to switch things up and let them enjoy a more relaxing afternoon or day from time to time. One option to achieve this is to enjoy the countryside. This could be through a soothing picnic or a gentle hike.


When their stay is coming to an end, your guests might be keen to take something back home with them. By taking them shopping at quirky, independent shops nearby, you can help them sample some more of your local culture.

Being a good host can make you and your guests feel great. And by following the tips above, you should be set to entertain your guests throughout their stay.