Parking a bicycle outdoors is a chore, however what do you do should you reside in a small condo? Purchase some furnishings that doubles as a bicycle rack! Designed by Manuel Rossel, these couches, bookcases and sideboards seem like trendy furnishings however for the slots minimize out on high. You place your bicycles wheels in them and presto – it’s each a contemporary artwork set up, and a option to preserve your bicycle along with you books, CDs, souvenirs and porcelain cats.

Manuel Rossel is a Chilean designer and this furnishings line is barely at the moment out there in Chile.

People who drive lose all the benefits of physical activity,” Rossel told Fast Company. “Biking also leads to economic savings and helps the decongestion and decontamination of cities.

He hopes that placing bicycles in the lounge shall be a visual reminder of the advantages of two wheeled transportation.

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