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Facebook Tips and Tricks for You! Check These Easy and Simple Ways to Get More Facebook Likes…
On a FanPage, Facebook likes and comments will increase your EdgeRank, so your post will be seen by more Facebook Fans. On your Personal Profile, Facebook likes and comments help increase your Klout score!
So yeah, you want ’em!
We know photos, videos, and quote graphics are great for getting shares, as well as likes and comments. But those take time to find or create. What could be easier than copying and pasting one of these Wall Posts?

1. Ask Yes or No Questions
Everyone loves to share their opinion, and can spare a few seconds to answer a Yes or No question. Here are some questions to try:
– Yes or No, are you looking forward to the weekend?

– Yes or No, are you having a good day?

– Yes or No, are you following the Presidential race / playoffs / other current event?

– Yes or No, do you like your job?

– Yes or No, are we sharing the right kind of content with you?

– Yes or No, have you ever been to (somewhere)?

– Yes or No, have you been to our store / website?

– Yes or No, do you have your own website?


2. Click Like if…
A great technique for getting facebook likes is to tell readers to “Click Like if…”
– Click Like if you like Fridays!

– Click Like if you wish you were (somewhere) right now.

– Click Like if you checked the news today.

– Click Like if you remember your sweet 16.

– Click Like if you’re looking for (your niche) help.

– Click Like if you’ve checked out our new product / service.
Or post a quote prefaced by: Click Like if you agree!


3. Fill in the Blank
The human mind can’t resist completing a fill-in-the-blank post. Try some of these!
– The hardest thing about eating healthy is ____________.

– If I could be anywhere right now, I’d go to _____________.

– The number one thing I love about my life is ___________.

– The last movie I saw was _____________.

– One thing I’d like to tell the world about (your niche) is ____________.

– My favorite food is ____________.

– The first word that comes to mind to describe me is ____________.

– I enjoy (your niche) because ____________.

– I need ____________ cups of coffee to function in the morning.

– My number one (your niche) goal is _____________.

– My favorite song is ____________ by ____________.
And mix in some trivia questions about your business! Encourage facebook fans to leave their answer in a comment for a chance to be your Featured Fan.
– (Your company) has ____________ employees.

– (Your company) has worked with ____________ Fortune 500 companies.

– (Your company) has been in business ____________ years.


Get More Facebook Likes & Comments for EdgeRank & Klout!
Give these easy ways to get more Facebook likes & comments a spin and see what happens! Have you tried other effective ways to get Facebook likes & comments? Please share in the comments below!