Getting your lawn back in shape after the long winter takes planning and a decent amount of elbow grease. Keeping these six lawncare tasks for a healthy yard in mind will have your yard in excellent shape for the long, hot summer days ahead.

Get Rid Of Excess Lawn Thatch

During the chilly fall and winter months, things like dead leaves, small tree limbs, and other debris accumulate at the base of the lawn near the grassroots. While a small amount of this lawn waste provides a protective covering for the delicate roots, too much can quickly overwhelm the yard, making it difficult for nutrients and air to reach grassroots.

By ensuring that lawn thatch doesn’t accumulate more than ½ inch, your lawn should have no trouble absorbing everything it needs to remain healthy.


Overseeding is a fast, economical way to guarantee a denser, greener lawn by directly applying quality grass seed to the existing turf without disturbing the soil. Overseeding is a great way to refresh an older yard with fresh turf and fill in bald spots where the grass is thin.

After overseeding, you should thoroughly water the lawn to reduce flyaways and give the grass seed an excellent start. Water daily for the next 10 to 14 days until germination. Once the new grass is established, water it at the level recommended by the grass type.

Apply Weed And Feed

Applying a good quality weed and feed to your yard later in spring helps nourish the grass and eliminate bothersome weeds that compete with a healthy lawn for beneficial resources. This step will also kill targeted weeds at a strategic time, making them easier to control throughout the summer growing season.

Perform Routine Lawn Mower Maintenance

A typical lawnmower’s lifespan is 10-15 years, and completing routine maintenance is a simple way to ensure that your mower can go the distance. The beginning of the mowing season is a great time to perform this task. Changing the oil, replacing the spark plugs balancing, and sharpening the mower blades will get your season off to an excellent start.

Prepare Flower Beds

Prepare the flower beds for a fresh set of bright, beautiful annuals by checking out your leftover supplies from last year and confirming that all your tools are in good order for the upcoming season. You’ll want to make sure the beds are clear of last year’s debris before preparing the soil to set out fresh plants.

Consider Installing A Wifi Sprinkler System

Water will be an essential ingredient in keeping the lawn and flowers/plants alive and healthy. Installing new wifi or a smart sprinkler system can make this task substantially more manageable. Today’s smart sprinkler systems connect directly to the internet and combine historical weather data with real-time conditions to plan the perfect watering schedule for your location.

Wrap Up

Maintaining a great-looking lawn throughout the summer starts with proper planning in the spring. Completing the task on this list will start you off on the right foot giving you time to enjoy the season.