For many, the Autumnal month of October means only one thing-Halloween! If you are one of those that has sweets with each meal throughout the month, has your outfit sorted by the first week and cannot wait to decorate the house for your kids, why not go one step further this year and design a haunted garage?

Autumn is a magical time of year, not only do the trees lose their green lustre and turn brown for Autumn but the nights draw in as Halloween approaches.

This year Instead of just throwing a few cobwebs on the house, hanging a pumpkin and leaving it at that on Halloween, why not turn your garage into the perfect haunted house?

How Do You Do Design a Haunted Garage?

This might sound like a lot of work and you might think you need to be an artist to pull it off. But, all you really need is determination and some scary decorations to put together a fantastically spooky haunted garage in your home.

A Haunted Garage

Instead of just throwing a few cobwebs on the house, hanging a pumpkin and leaving it at that, why not turn your garage into the perfect haunted house

Before you even attempt to make your garage spooky, you need to make sure that it is clean, working and safe to use. Get that lawnmower out of there because you don’t want anyone to fall over it. Move the rubbish, organise the clutter and then get on to decorating the garage.

What Do You Need?

Here are a couple of things you will need to take your garage from ordinary to a haunted house in a matter of minutes. Of course there is no limit to the possibilities depending on how much time you have available for decorating the haunted garage.

Cotton Wool Effects

Cotton Wool, the solver of many problems can be used here to create the effect of creepy giant spiders building webs inside the garage. If you stretch a piece, stick it to the walls and the ceiling, it can look spooky and make your kids think that the garage is full of ghouls, spiders and lots of other scary things.

Black Paper for Blacked Out Windows

Another cheap and cheerful must have for any haunted house is blacked out windows. Using black paper stuck in the inside of the garage you will be able to block out any light, make the garage as dark as possible and therefore scary as well.

If you want to go all out you can draw things on the paper with a glow in the dark paint or pen which will only show up when the garage is dark. This will make it extra special and you can even write your kid’s names so that they think the ghosts and ghouls are after them.

What Do You Need for a Haunted House Garage?

This might sound like a lot of work, you might think you need a lot of materials but actually there is not much you need to do in order to set the scene for Halloween.

Haunted House Ideas

Your house could look like this, well perhaps a scaled down version of this haunted house.

All you really need is a good sized home garage, throw in some dedication and maybe a few extra hands for friends and family to help out and prepare for the spooky Hallows Eve party.

Use A Working Garage Door

Not only is a working garage door great for every day garage use, it also can work amazingly at scaring trick or treaters. Invest in a roller garage door from Hormann and you will be able to control your garage door from inside the house. This way you can control how many witches and wizards can enter as well as park the car the rest of the year.

Imagine how scary it will be that as the trick or treaters approach you can spook them by opening the garage door without having to be there. Not only will the roller garage door work well at spooking throughout the Halloween season, it will heavily improve your garage.

Once you have the perfect haunted garage you need to make sure that your Halloween decorations are just as good. As mentioned above get the cotton wool out to make those hanging spiders webs, raise and hang some scary masks from the ceiling, throw in some fake creepy crawlies and you are good to go. Think about carving some pumpkins also with these amazing inspirational pumpkin designs for Halloween.

Haunted Halloween Ideas

Any part of the house can be transformed with just a few spooky accessories

Another great way to terrify the children on Halloween is to hang a ‘Do Not Enter’ sign on the garage door. With this little ‘Keep Out’ warning comes a lot of thrills when watching the kids enter the now extremely scary haunted garage.

Transform the House at Halloween

This converted garage has been transformed into a house of terror and spooky lighting and accessories adds incredible atmosphere to the room.

Use a CD Player or Stream Haunted Music

To really set the tone and make the garage truly terrifying, you can even insert a CD player to play spooky sounds. This will terrify your kids, probably give you a good laugh and make the whole haunted house even more of a success.

Noises can add incredible atmosphere to lighting and other visual effects, the result are rooms that are completely transformed, ensuring a spooky, frightfully enjoyable Halloween experience for all attending ghosts, witches and goblins.

Once the haunted house is ready, its time to get the sweets ready and have a happy Halloween!