It is a well-known fact that the daily routine and familiarity helps children build their comfort. Moving does not add any stability or comfort to your family life, that’s for sure. What it can add is some anticipation, a little excitement and a lot of hopes and expectations. It is totally in our power to avoid or help our children to overcome any emotional or behavioral problems that relocating to a new place might cause. The general idea of making the moving with children process bearable is to try to turn it into an adventure. Now, as easy as it sounds it might require some research, advice and assistance. We are happy to share some experience and ideas for moving with kids together with

Prepare Kids For the Move


First, prepare your children for the move by telling them about the move. Discussing the move with your children and everything you know about the move is essential. Encourage them to talk about it and to ask questions. Once your kids know about the move, the next step is to help them get ready and prepared. Take them to the office supply store to pick up fun materials for them to use while packing their stuff. Purchase colorful stickers, markers, a journal or diary to record their experience, boxes, packing tape, and plastic bins.


Go Through Kid’s Bedroom Together


Be prepared that children will try to hold onto their things a little more tightly. Stay cool. Moving is all about to change and the more their lives are changing, the tighter they’ll hold on to the things they can. Take time to go through their bedroom with them to help them decide what to keep and what to toss.


Get the Room Dimensions


If possible, provide older children with room dimensions so they can plan their own space. Try to help them to imagine their new space and start to design how they’d like their new room to look like with all the new staff. This will help them to sort and decide on the items they want to keep for their new spaces.


  • For Children Under 12


Go through their toys, books, and clothes together to decide what should go to the “keep pile” and what things they don’t want.

  • For Teenagers


Allow older children to do as much of the sorting and packing of their bedroom as possible. Try to be tolerant of their decisions and respect their spaces. Provide them with “keep” and “donate” bins so they can sort their things. Provide them with plastic containers where they can store the stuff they want to sell or donate. Check after them but remain sensitive to what they’re asking to keep.


Prepare the Essentials Box


Their essentials box should contain all those things they’ll need for the first few nights. This box is created to reduce stress and remind them of their old home. Most children pack a few books, activity books, puzzles, toys, diaries or favorite food and games. Keep these handy during the move.


Get Packing


Pack their clothes, shoes and practical items they’ll need first. Make sure you include enough supplies for the trip and a few nights at the new place. Depending on your child’s age, you may need to do most of the packing. Even if you have a very young child, you can ask them to label or decorate the packed boxes. Older children can do a lot of their packing – make sure they have instructions on how to pack things properly. Make sure that all liquids are adequately closed or emptied before they’re packed. Squirt guns, chemistry sets, and paints all need to be checked before being packed.


Most children adapt quickly to their new surroundings. However, the move itself and the weeks that follow can be quite tricky for some. Help your young kids learn all they can about the new home country and city. Look for exciting activities to do together as a family such as zoos, parks, museums, festivals. If you move with kids in the middle of the academic year, contact the new school before the move and speak to them about the curriculum. Finally, the key to overcoming any challenges when moving with children is to make the move fun! You can also check any moving details at or get an online consultation for free.