Do you want to become a leader in the networking industry? Then you must gain an edge over others because every leader has to have some added skills or qualifications that make them stand apart from the rest. In the networking industry, the CCNP badge and training is that added edge. By earning this certification from such a leading IT vendor like Cisco, you can establish yourself as a veteran of technologies like enterprise networking, switching & routing, etc.

As any other credential. Cisco CCNP 300-420 ENSLD Exam Dumps requires you to validate your knowledge on the theme by passing the exams. For this one, you have to take two tests: a core 350-401 and one of the six compulsory exams that include 300-420 assessment. In this post, we’ll disclose all the main features of this exam and the career opportunities it can give you. So, let’s start with the second point.

Your Career and Salary Prospects

The CCNP credential holds all the power to take the middle-level career of a network engineer or system administrator at whole new heights. Don’t believe our words? Then, believe the PayScale’s research that says that CCNP certified professional takes an average pay of 95,000$ yearly. We guess this is more than enough.

And the best part is that you don’t have to meet any pre-requisites to go for this badge. However, having prior work experience of three to five years in the area of enterprise networking solutions will make the journey ahead a little easier.

Certification Path

Now that you’re aware of all the wonders that earning the Cisco CCNP 300-420 ENSLD can do to your career, it’s time to learn about what all it takes to get hold of this badge. As was said above, the very first step is passing two tests:

  1. The core exam which is 350-401by code. It will test your basic knowledge of networking technologies.
  2. The concentration assessment which you can choose from several options. One of them is 300-420 that checks your ability to design Cisco Enterprise Networks. If building Cisco products is what appeals to you the most then choosing 300-420 as your second exam would be a great choice.

Nitty-gritty of Cisco 300-420 Exam

Cisco 300-420 is a 90-minute long exam. As the CCNP Enterprise credential has world-wide recognition, the test is available in English and Japanese.

This is a rigorous assessment that checks your deepest knowledge on various aspects of enterprise designing. Sitting for this test, you’ll have to show that you are able to work with advanced addressing and enterprise campus networks as well as create routing solutions. Your knowledge of WANs and security concepts will be assessed. The sub-topics under these main domains are vast and extensive and there is hardly anything that isn’t covered. So, one thing is sure that if you want to become a CCNP Enterprise certified specialist and have a gleaming networking career then you have to burn the midnight oil for sure.

But, the legit question here to ask is how many of you can manage to pull it off?

More than half of CCNP Enterprise aspirants are working professionals. With a jam-packed schedule, chucking out time for long hours study is surely a tough task. But, don’t worry. We are going to tell you about the most useful preparation materials that will help you even regardless of lack of time.

Exam Dumps — Your Success Mantra

Of course, Cisco offers you some study resources to make the journey ahead easy and successful. There are sample questions and official training to help you at every step. But this may not be enough and that is why using exam dumps can be a great addition to these materials.

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The Final Word

CCNP Enterprise is that feather in your hat which can help you reach new heights in the networking field in no time. As soon as you pass the concentration Cisco 300-420 test, you become a step closer to success. And though this exam requires thorough preparation, don’t worry. would be your ally on that journey. So, don’t wait anymore. Schedule your exam, download exam dumps, and make your way to a bright networking career!