When you’re talking about website and blog monetization. One of the first things that comes to mind is Google AdSense, lets all yawn together shall we. While this is natural to think of considering just how much of a behemoth Google is. It would be foolish to think that there aren’t competitors out there. Other ad networks who are simply matching and even exceeding Google move for move.

It’ll probably take a bit of trial and error to see which new ad networks work for you. Once you do you’ll be riding on easy street, all the way down it in fact. This little set of four networks caught our attention recently.

Ad Network Video Insights

Before reading on, take a quick look at some of these suggested networks by way of a selection of choice video insights and features. Delve into what these networks are about and their all important earning potential.

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4 Ad Networks That Publishers Should Check Out Right Now

Our four ad networks are a mixed bag containing everything from Native Advertising platforms to Adsense alternatives. So we do recommend that anyone that who meets the traffic criteria take a closer look at these ad networks and take on board our suggestions.

Adsterra Network

Adsterra Ad Network

The Adsterra Ad Network : Adsterra is a rapid growth premium advertising network that services more than 10-billion ads that have been efficiently geo-targeted per month.

Established in 2013, Adsterra rapidly expanded in popularity among web site owners and media buyers. Mainly due to its unique approach to ad formats. Along with the priority placed on quality customer care and service. Since its inception several years ago, Adsterra has quickly become one of the fastest growing ad networks available right now.

Of course Adsterra offers plenty of different effective ad formats. As of writing, Adsterra works with thousands of different advertisers and web publishers across the world. This ad network focusses mainly on both website desktop advertising and mobile advertising. Their primary ad types include CPA, CPC, and CPM type ad units.They also offer a 5 percent referral program for those webmasters that wish to help bring new clients to their network. Check them out right here.


Revcontent Ad Network

The Revcontent Native Advertising Network : It’s seen growth by up to 900 percent, this is partly because it does such a good job of combating banner blindness, forms of ad fatigue that blight Adsense and traditional display ads.

The ad network Revcontent as of right now is one of the largest content recommendation platforms out there. They are currently serving in excess of 100 billion plus content ad recommendations in a single month. Content recommendation is a more recent ad evolution gaining much traction. Another popular term for it is Native Advertising.

The Revcontent platform focuses more on the quality of the publisher that they bring on board and their traffic. Rather than concentrating on quantity of publishers. In fact Revcontent are known in the Native Advertising arena for notoriously rejecting 98 percent of websites that apply.

The only way that new publishers will gain an account here at Revcontent if your site does not meet the traffic requirements is by having a truly exceptional site. Or by having a contact within the company who can open doors. Yes its often who you know, not what you know. Read more about this Native Advertising service right here.


Media.Net Advertising Network

The Media.Net Advertising Network : Some of the publishers for Media.net include Elle, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Reuters, and many more.

Media.net delivers ads from a contextual ad network, under a large pool of both national and local advertisers, which will help to ensure a 100 percent fill rate. The network does support standard sizes and it has access to all sorts of high-quality ads.

Publishers might like to learn that Media.net is technically a syndicator for Bing. Which offers ad publication services to select companies such as Media.net. These ad products were born of their union with the largely defunct Yahoo Search Marketing. YSM, formerly Overture dropped the ball in a big way in the paid search arena. Click fraud and an inability to properly click score traffic made their affiliates rather rich and Yahoo! was left holding the baby.

Once the dust settled, everything more or less reset under Bing. Thus allowing innovative firms such as Media.net to flourish. This is possibly one of the best Adsense alternatives or complementary networks out there right now. Be sure to read more about Media.net for a signup bonus of 10%.


Adbuff Adsense Alternative

Like Media,net, Adbuff is one of the few ultimate alternatives to dull old AdSense because of the fact that it outperforms AdSense with so many major publishers.

Adbuff is a RTB or ‘Real Time Bidding’ platform, which means AdSense is competing with other advertisers to directly monetize your sites and web properties via the Adbuff service.

As a publisher with this network, you can rely on them to offer an awesome fill rate for all your highly valued ad spaces and impressions. Not only to gain multiple bids for your web property but to also achieve some of the best eCPM rates in the industry. Now Adbuff are only second to Google Adsense. They sometimes even exceed Adsense rates in some bids according to feedback from some publishers. Open an Adbuff account right here.

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Final Thought : Four Ad Networks With Punch

Yes that’s it right here, you don’t need a long list of 25 ad networks to trawl through. This spicy set of four advertising networks caught our eye during the summer months of 2017. So if you have traffic in the top tier geo locations. Traffic that you would like to try and monetize in a slightly different way to Adsense go and take a closer look. Often these ad tags work well by complementing Adsense. Rather than replacing it entirely, so bear this in mind also

Experimenting with exciting new and untested ad networks is largely a fun and revealing process, and you might just strike traffic gold. So if you are a webmaster who is deadly serious about monetizing your blog portfolio, be certain to go and get some new gold for your precious traffic right now.