In this feature post and native ads review we take an in depth look at the top 10 native ad companies for publishers. Dive inside with 10 straight to the point native ad reviews and commentary exploring exciting, innovative native advertising companies that you really want to take notice of in 2017.

With the focus on adblockers and other similar technology that we’ve been seeing, the traditional ad game has been thrown up in the air. Now, we’ve been seeing more and more native ads being used by publishers on their blogs and niche web sites in order to supplement the ad revenue that is lost by banner ads and the like being blocked by these adblocker programs.

Adblockers are only part of the problem behind diminishing returns from display ads. Banner blindness is also acute. Indeed traditionally formatted display ads and Adsense in particular deliver a massive yawn to content hungry audiences. Even though there are now services like Ezoic that help improve Adsense revenues. Banner tiredness in traditional formats and audience intolerance of tired, bland creatives will probably only get worse in the coming years.

Native Ads Reviews for Publishers

Native Ads Reviews for Publishers : 10 Awesome Native Ad Networks For Publishers That You Need in 2017

What is Native Advertising and Why Should We Care?

Native ads are a much more recent form of advertising so they gain a boost from that valuable freshness factor. In time these ad formats also will suffer from audience over familiarity. Yet perhaps not as much as older style display ads by virtue of the fact that they flow so neatly within content. For the time being native advertising is here to stay and it is booming.

Most native ad implementations look great on desktop and still flow naturally on responsive web sites and blogs.The native ad flow factor makes the clickabilty of an ad all the more engaging and sticky. Combined with the relative freshness of the format native ads have a bright future in the short to medium term. The fast growth of native advertising is obvious by virtue of it’s increased visibility of many major publications in all sorts of niches.

Indeed native ads are experiencing explosive expansion in all areas including the traffic arbitrage sector. All it takes to observe this widening of the market is to look at the native ad networks that are proliferating on the Internet right now.

Doing this will show you just what the publisher trends are looking like as well as how to capitalize on them in the coming months. Indeed a number of software tools have spring up purely designed to identify high performance native advertising campaigns so that they can be reverse engineered.

Top 10 NativeAd Networks For Publishers

With greater choice of ad networks comes greater concern over which native ad networks will perform the best for publishers. To that end here we present the very best native ad networks and native advertising solutions for publishers to opt into during 2017.

1) Native Advertising for Publishers : Outbrain

Native Ads : Outbrain

Native Ads Review : Outbrain is one of the original Native ad companies.

Outbrain was founded back in 2006 and it’s headquartered in New York City. It’s one of the top native ad networks when it comes to sheer quality of advertising. Outbrain monitor it’s ad quality very closely with controls and filter used to cut off most of the product based ads. They thrive by maintaining a high quality ecosystem for both ads and user experience.

The Outbrain network has partnered with many of the top markets, niches and publishers out there when it comes to native ad networks. Outbrain also only accepts publishers such as Sky News that get more than 10 million page views a month to ensure that quality is maintained from both sides of the click stream.

Learn more about how Outbrain Works here.

2) Adcash

Adcash is one of the market leaders in the global digital advertising industry. They connect advertisers and publishers through various solutions that are reliable and guarantee results. Their platform is driven by clients’ success, which is supported by substantial experience gained from 10 years in the business.
They have unique data-driven technological solutions that enable superior targeting, fast and tailor-made ad serving and real-time optimization.
The Adcash native format has unique benefits for publishers like flexibility, meaning that website owners can tweak ad count and placement type to specifically suit their website content. Adcash have multiple direct and programmatic demand partners to guarantee fill rate anywhere, everywhere.
Publishers can also sign up as advertisers to promote their own website with the native format.

3) Native Advertising for Publishers : Nativo

Nativo Native Ads

Native Ads Review : Nativo Native Ads

Nativo is the leader in what is known as true native advertising: that is branded content served within editorial streams. Each matched to the individual feel and look of each publication. Integrated and consumed right on the publisher’s site, delivered across a variety of devices and screens.

The Nativo network is five years old, out of Long Beach, CA, and it has aimed to simplify this entire process. It has a variety of trusted publishers behind it that show its dedication to quality and its ability to strive for excellence in the field of native ad networks.

Learn more about how Nativo works for publishers right here.

4) Taboola Ad Network

Taboola Native Ads

Native Ads Review : Taboola Native Ads is a an established native ad company and arguably one of the big three

Taboola is the world’s leading content discovery platform according to their web site. Indeed Taboola serves 360B recommendations to over one billion unique visitors each month on the web’s most innovative publisher sites. These top web publisher properties include NBC, USA Today, The Weather Channel, Tribune and Fox Sports along with many smaller destination sites and niche blogs.

Taboola helps advertisers to drive publishers and traffic towards monetizing their web property. The Taboola native ads network is a good choice for Indian traffic also. Taboola provides 1-3 cents for Asian traffic and 10 cents for American traffic, which is a good amount of publisher value overall for that kind of traffic.

CPC rates on the Taboola network is usually around 2-4 cents which is good because you can use their widget along with your existing AdSense account. Publishers can login to check reports or else create campaigns.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a native ad network that does more for the money. The publisher entry requirements also are not too high and they have wide syndication. Meaning that if you cannot gain a direct deal you can probably gain access to Taboola via a third party.

Learn more about how Taboola native ads operate by clicking here.

5) Triplelift Ad Network


Native Ads Review : Triplelift is a fairly new network that aims to evolve display

Founded in 2013, Triplelift is still a relatively new native ad network. There isn’t much information on Triplelift as of just yet, but they seem to be a growing native ad network that is really on the rise that talks about the evolution of display.

Their publisher platform is all about transparency and ease of use, and that pays off in spades when it comes to understanding the functionality of the native ad network and how it is likely to perform.

Discover more about Triplelift here.

Native Ads Tutorials and Video Introductions

While it’s great to read up on all these awesome Native Advertising for Publisher networks, take a break from reading and checkout some of the selected video intros to the exciting advertising field of native advertising.

[yottie id=”13″]
This is just a small choice selection of useful videos but it is apparent straight away that native advertising is a unique and growing source of revenue for publishers and of good new traffic potential for advertisers.

6) NativeAds Review

I have used Nativeads as an advertiser also and found it to be a cumbersome experience with an irksome editorial process that simply drags and you get nothing useful done fast.

Native Ads Review : I have used Nativeads as an advertiser also and found it to be a cumbersome experience with an irksome editorial process that simply drags and you get nothing useful done fast.

NativeAds is a premium native advertising network that can be run alongside platforms like AdSense. Their approval process is moderated, and they typically respond to a request within 12 hours. While their per-click rate is lower than others, this is still a good option for those who are trying to find a good native ad network.

I have used Nativeads as an advertiser once previously also and found it to be a cumbersome experience with an irksome editorial process that simply drags and you get nothing useful done fast. Anyone will tell you that time is money especially when you don’t have enough of either.

However the second time I tried a year later things were much more fluid. Also you can test campaigns with lower initial budgets than in 2016 also. I like starting with lower budgets as I trust no one. Obviously with native ads you need to be prepared to scale up. However dropping 2K into a network to discover it sucks is never a happy feeling so thumbs up to Nativeads for this option.

The good thing about Nativeads is that they tap into other native ad networks also. This really extends your campaign reach and positions Nativeads as a RTB exchange as much as a direct network. So it works well for publishers and advertisers and is recommended.

Learn more about NativeAds by going here.

7) Native Advertising for Publishers : Adsnative


Native Ads Review : Adsnative are passionate about UX and have built our technology around speed and customization.

This native ad network is located in the heart of San Francisco with offices in New York City and India, and it’s strategically positioned in both the worlds of publishing and tech.

According to the company web site Adsnative is very proud of the team that they have assembled to drive their ad network forward.

Here at AdsNative we’re all geeks at heart. We like to work with the best and brightest in the businesses like Greg Bardos, Keval Desai, Chas Edwards and David Scacco. We don’t want to brag but their combined experiences span incredible companies such as Google, Facebook, Luminate and Digg… just to name drop a few.

This native ad network that is Adsnative has embraced the startup lifestyle, and they’ve garnered serious support for their growing business. Time will tell where Adsnative goes from here, but since 2013 they’ve been expanding exponentially.

Click here to learn more about Adsnative.

8) Native Advertising for Publishers : Adnow

Adnow native ads : native advertising

Native Ads Review : Adnow is proud to be a platform for over 150 000 partners, serving over 4 billion impressions each month throughout 107 countries.

Adnow is a pretty new native ad network that has just started to gain some traction in the business.

The Adnow story started a few years ago in 2014, when a bunch of digital geeks passionate about the digital marketing, RTB and Big Data decided to make a new hybrid native ad format. This new ad format was intended to serve ads and make finding new and interesting content very simple and user friendly.

The Adnow network is great for those who are trying to gain their European traffic, as it pays out exponentially for this type of traffic. This is a native ad network that is up and coming for sure and will continue to expand and explode going into the future.

find out more details about Adnow by heading here.

9) Native Advertising Network

Native Ads Review : Native Ads : native advertising

Native Ads Review : Native Ads is an accessible network with good intuitive systems and functionality for publishers is a particularly popular native ad network when you compare them to some of the top native ad networks that we’ve already looked at on this list. With a good network of publishers and advertisers,’s widget is clean and free of spam. It’s a good idea to try if your content is not approved elsewhere as they will likely accept it and it’ll be monetized immediately.

This is not to say that because approval is easier that the quality of the traffic is less or anything like that. My view is that networks that make themselves more accessible can garner a better name for themselves in the publisher community.

I have to say that either as an advertiser or as a publisher or affiliate there is nothing more annoying than a stuck up network. A network that either demands a 2k minimum spend as an advertiser. Or one looks down their nose at you as a publisher only to say that your 500K imps per month is insufficient. Gets my goat all of that, so Content.Ad is a fresh breeze in the world of native advertising and most publishers will do well here. The CPC payouts are decent if not earth shattering for publishers. This is a good place to start out learning the native advertising ropes.

Take a closer look at the Content.Ad platform.

10) Adblade

Adblade Native Ads : native advertising

Adblade Native Ads Review : Adblade is the most innovative content-style native ad platform for publishers.

Founded in 2008 in New Jersey, Adblade is a brand safe rated native ad network. Adblade is best for those who have a significant amount of US traffic. You need to have a minimum of 500,000 page views in order to qualify for this native ad network.

Adblade is the most innovative content-style native advertising platform for publishers. The Adblade platform allows advertisers to reach over 300 million monthly unique users across hundreds of top branded publisher sites with the absolute assurance of brand-safety.

The Adblade network provides a winning combination of innovative proprietary ad units, massive scale. Along with distribution through select top-tier publishers. As well as unique features that give advertisers the confidence they need to launch their brand and direct response campaigns.

See More about how Adblade can help publishers.

Native Ads Review : Final Thought

The rapid proliferation of native advertising has ensured that the traditional ad game has been thrown up in the air. Now, we’ve been seeing native ads being used in order to supplement the ad revenue that is lost by banner ads and the like being blocked by these adblocker programs.

Of course it is not just about beating adblockers it is about diversifying tight revenue streams. This is how blog publishers survive in 2017. Not by purely depending on Adsense which is not the shrewdest of moves. I have seen Native ads platforms working well to supplement the incomes of hard working blog owners.

Native advertising also works well for article marketers and traffic arbitrageurs in the paid click space. In both arenas their value is in extending the income brought by stalwarts such as Adsense. Plus as I have said many times diversification is good. Never serve one master and be bound to them in case the egg cracks when you least expect it.

All it takes to stay on top of these native ads is to look at the native ad networks that are proliferating on the market now. Yes I know there are a couple of established native ad networks I haven’t mentioned in this feature post such as RevContent and new players enter the market all the time.

Still these 10 native ad networks offer plenty of scope for publishers looking to experiment with viable and exciting new revenue streams. Doing this will show you just what the trends are looking like as well as how to capitalize on them in 2017 and far beyond.