There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” – Sam Walton

Google has around 4.3 billion users all over the world. Evidently, it is one of the most reliable search engines in the world. After the arrival of eCommerce, Google has become the best source of information for any product or service. This is where you need Google reviews for your business.

Google reviews help you to acquire your target market without having to do much research. A Google review is basically an approval by your customers in full view of people public. After watching this social proof, your target customers get attracted to your business.

Hence proved, feedbacks are important for businesses. But how would you display your reviews or feedback on your website?

The simple answer is to embed Google reviews on website. A Google review widget is a collection of feed of Google reviews that you can place on your website and flaunt your reviews with ease.

Effortless Ways to Embed Google Review Widget on Website

There are ample ways to embed Google review widget on website, but for your comfort we are mentioning about the 2 most straightforward ways to do it.

A). Tagembed Widget For Google Reviews

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Tagembed is one of the easiest social media aggregator tools to use. It is a fantastic tool for easily displaying your social media content and reviews from 18+ social media platforms, including all major platforms. It allows you to include Google reviews on your website.

When you embed Google reviews on a website, the time spent on the website increases automatically. As a review demonstrates the impact of the product or service

And your audience has enough content to browse your website.

Tagembed’s Google review widget is one of the most dependable tools for embedding Google review widget. Using this tool, you can easily embed a Google review widget on your website.

This social media aggregator tool is easy to use and requires no coding.

If you’re still not convinced, here are the features of the Tagembed Google review widget:

  • You can change the dimensions, color font, themes, and templates of the review widget. This improves the visual appeal of your website.
  • You can remove reviews that you do not want to appear on your website using this tool’s moderation panel.
  • You will receive a responsive widget that will fit all screen sizes.

B). WordPress Google Reviews Plugin By Tagembed

C:\Users\TaggBox\Downloads\Plugin\Google reviews– WordPress plugin by Tagembed.JPG

If you have a WordPress website, you can use the Tagembed Google review widget plugin to collect and display customer feedback on your website visitors.

It allows you to retrieve and analyze relevant Google reviews in order to display the best of your customer service on your website.

This plugin has a real-time update feature, which means that once your customer posts a review, it will appear on your website automatically.

You can also use the platform’s robust analytics to generate reports on the performance of your widget.

Amazing Reason to Use the Google Review Widget for Website

There are plenty of reasons you should use Google Review Widget on your website. Some of the best reasons are mentioned below.

1. Increases Brand trust

Once the customers fall prey to an online scam, it becomes difficult for them to trust any online business. Do you want to stand out from this scammy crowd of businesses? Try embedding the Google review widget on your website.

This helps you to win the trust of your target customers and establish credibility at the same time. You can collect all the feedback from all the existing or previous customers and embed them on your website. This will help you to bring transparency to your customers.

Once you have transparency with your customers, trust will come into existence.

While embedding makes sure that you choose the reviews that represent your brand in a real way. Choosing a superficial review will act as a put-off for your customers.

2. Boosts SEO

When you embed Google review widget on website, it provides enough content for your visitors to scroll through your website. This helps the visitors to genuinely engage with your website.

The best part of having Google reviews arew that they contain relevant keywords that resonate with your business. This helps Google to understand your business in a better manner. This eventually leads your website to have a better ranking.

Apart from that, Google loves it when you use its products. This is also one of the contributing factors of your better ranking.

3. Increases the CTR of your business:

If you own a business, you must understand how important it is for your customers to visit your website. All your marketing efforts will be worthless if your customers do not visit your website.

Fortunately, Google reviews are the most effective way to generate sufficient click-through rates.

In a nutshell

Having a Google review widget is like having a 24×7 brand ambassador for your business. This will help you to establish a strong authority in your niche. Statistics suggest that businesses that have product page feedback have better conversion rates.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to embed Google review widget on website.