The pandemic led to many trends, including DIY home renovation trends. Since more people have started spending time indoors due to remote working and social distancing measures, they are paying special attention to making their indoor living space more comfortable, lively, and entertaining.

In other words, the virus has affected nearly everything on the globe, including one’s lifestyle. With remote working as the new norm, people are forced to reimagine their living space to transform it into something more liveable, practical, and functional.

With summer at its peak, you might also be visiting the beaches, which is why it can be a good idea to check in with San Diego general contractors for your dream summer house for the vacation. However, if you plan to spend more time at home, you would want to upgrade your indoor living place and make it as comfy and practical as you can.

If you are part of the DIY home renovation squad, we have a list of home décor ideas that can transform your living space into something better. Read on to learn more:

Plant Indoor Herbs

Do you have a backyard or a garden? Even if it is a spacious terrace/ balcony, it will have sufficient space to use for your edible garden. As people have been spending more time at home, they are focusing on eating healthy and clean, which is leading to the trend of growing your own herbs and veggies instead of buying them from the supermarket or online store.

Having a few basic ingredients in your backyard will feel more inspired to create healthy dishes and beverages. You can also grow herbs and a few veggies in differently-sized pots that you can place near your kitchen window, in the absence of a garden or backyard.

Antique Aesthetics

If you want to give your home a chic, classy, and timeless makeover, you could think about including old-world aesthetics. We believe that furniture shouldn’t only be contemporary but also timeless. Suppose you have heard about the terminology of “old-world” influence before. In that case, you might already know that we are referring to those dim-lit, darker, and moodier indoor living areas that have old yet classy oil paintings displayed on the walls. You can match the old, gloomy, and timeless paintings with classy furniture to have the perfect modern touch of Renaissance in your house.

Induce Luxury

If you have been a minimalist before, it is time to dwell in luxury now. Believe it or not but 2021 is all about expression, individuality, and livable luxury with a defiant versatility in design. When it comes to practical luxury, you might want to reconstruct your less-used indoor space and embrace luxurious furniture concepts that aren’t only pleasing to the eyes but also very practical in approach. When it comes to choosing practical and luxurious furniture, you will want to focus on durable fabrics, furniture pieces, and decorative items that are versatile and very chic.

Durable Fabrics

Reusability has been amongst the top trends in 2021 as people are paying attention to save the world’s natural sources and make durable products, including furniture and fabrics. We recommend using durable fabrics for your slipcovers, curtains, linens, etc., that don’t lose their essence even despite multiple washes. Since people will be spending more time at their homes than before, they would want to make their things last at home, and one essential way to obtain this is by including durable fabrics.

Include More Indoor Plants

If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it is about the luxury of nature and green outdoor spaces. Although the lockdown might have been lifted in certain areas around the globe, some people are still stuck indoors. This is why people are trying to bring the outdoor space into the indoor space, and there is no better way than placing indoor plants.

By bringing in more plants, you will bring some freshness to your house while inducing positivity in your house. You will have mental peace along with functional aesthetics placed on your shelves and tables. You can also place indoor plants in your bathroom and win on a different functional, aesthetical, and mental level.

Bidets & Smart Toilets

The pandemic has caused many people to become more conscious about hygiene, which is why the trend of smart toilets and bidets has seen a significant rise in 2021. Bidets were popular in Asia and are spreading to the European and other regions of the world.

2020 had scared the word with the potential scarcity of toilet papers, which is also one of the primary reasons that bidets are on the rise in 2021, and many people are planning to make bidets a norm in their bathrooms.

Room to Meditate

The pandemic has not only changed different aspects of the world, such as the education system, travel, and business. But, it also impacted our personal lives to the extent that we cannot help but get affected by a phenomenon, also known as the pandemic blues.

Staying positive and calm in such uncertain times has never been a greater challenge than we modern humans have faced so far. Besides including workstations for a boost in productivity, people also include a room or space to meditate.

That said, if you have sufficient room, you can include a meditation room where you can go, relax, do some yoga, be mindful, practice positive affirmations, and just take some time off to rejuvenate and freshen up.

Multi-Functional Space

In 2020, people were uncertain about the future and thought that things would get back to normal like before. In 2021, people have realized that some things are here to stay for a longer time, such as remote work and the need for a multi-functional space.

This year, while renovating and reimagining your home, make it a priority to include multi-functional spaces where your kids can take online classes, do their homework, and adults can set up their workspace instead of relying on their living rooms and bedrooms.