The design and style of a home help define its nature and values. They tend to provide a feeling and crux to a visitor that tells them about the intentions of the home keepers. A house without a design feels dull and expressionless. Interior designing the home is not only for the rich or privileged; everyone is open to the idea without splurging on the task.

If your house has been needing a facelift, you may want to take a look at the best and latest interior design ideas of the year to be alongside the trends and creating a meaningful essence. Follow on below as we run you through some of the best ideas for interior and furniture design and get your house revamped the right way:

white wooden kitchen cabinet with gray kitchen cabinet

Multi-Functional Areas

Every year brings with it new and improved interior designs for houses to become more functional as well as stylish. And this design idea agrees with both. Now it’s the trend to create functional areas out of unused places or walls. Take, for example, the famous unemployed under staircase area that can be used to make seating, a reading area, or a little hidden room for supplies. Similarly, empty walls can be readjusted for creating architectural seating spaces as the new trend. These spaces are not only space-saving but extremely snug to rest in after busy days. Check out Voyage Maison to start.

Patterned and Curvy

Upholstery, tables, and chairs don’t have to look boring anymore. Now the scene with the furniture has totally changed, as various upturned designs are being exercised and promoted. You can see people already showing off their irregularly shaped furniture that looks modern as well as exciting. Speaking of modern furniture, the Room Service 360° site remains a notable place to explore all the 2020-inspired and styled furniture. Another fixture trend this year is patterns. You can find highly patterned upholstery matching the interior and providing exquisite arts and scenics.


The new wallpaper for interior decoration are hexagon floor tiles this year. These tiles aren’t your last year’s plain and single-colored wall coverers. This year you can see a lot of boldness and patterns on walls and the back of stoves. Interestingly, these can also be implemented in bathrooms combining different colors and patterns to create complementary designs. The tiles are also more robust than the constant wearing and tearing of wallpapers.

Natural Materials

During this year, the attention has been successfully diverted to using natural materials that also provide rusty, modern, and minimalist looks to homes. These materials can be different kinds of woods, including cane for creating walls and ceilings in addition to arches and slates. Moreover, marbles are being used for some or all counters tops, floors, tables, and slabs in homes in addition to plaster and linen that are equally luxurious and eco-friendly.

Sustainable and Green Designs

House designs that come with a touch of nature are the best for vigorous body and mind health. And 2020 is the year to go all out with sustainable designs and foliage. The trend is of growing indoor gardens in living rooms and corridors with surplus potted plants all over the place. Let a lot of natural light flow inside the house with huge windows and glass ceilings. If natural light is not available or you need more grow light to get to your garden, there are some great options available online from Agron. You can supplement natural light with LED grow lights effectively solving the problem. If your budget coordinates, add in a water fountain to have all the nature’s gifts at your disposal.

Earth Tones

Loud and perky colors shouldn’t be used in homes so recklessly. These colors are not very calming for the residents and supply a sense of urgency not needed inside homes. That’s why earth tones have been introduced this year for all the right reasons. These tones send down warm vibes that make the house a peaceful place while creating a connection to the outdoors as well.

Some of the trendy earth tones used in upholstery to rugs and wallpapers are, woody, yellow ochre, burnt orange, and dusty green with metals, woods, and plants incorporated into the design. The earthy tones can bring out your house’s elegance, creativity, and create a meaningful connection to nature.


In a way or two, the year 2020 seems to have defined the standards on which future sustainable houses will be built. From now on, the interiors will keep on incorporating more openness and become easier to maintain.

Following some of the trends, your home may not just become stylish or luxurious-looking, but it can become more comfortable and relaxing being closer to nature and comfort.