Having a website is essential to expand your customer base. Without an online presence, you are losing potential customers to your competitors. WordPress has been a popular CMS software since 2003. The platform provides you tools to design and update your website by yourself. Here is how a WordPress website can bring more business.

Search Engine Friendly

Your website needs to be search engine-friendly to achieve higher rankings. When your website reaches the top position for target keywords, the number of visitors will increase significantly. This means you will have more opportunities for conversions.

Search engines prefer a WordPress web design because the framework is easy to crawl. Also, the platform provides several SEO friendly features:

  • SEO-friendly permalinks – WordPress allows you to use SEO friendly permalinks. It means the keywords can contain links to relevant posts and pages. It helps the search engines understand what the page is about.
  • SEO-optimized website themes/templates– WordPress platforms offer SEO optimized website templates. These templates improve search engine optimization of your website.

Safe and Secure

Online users give high importance to safety when shopping online. If they feel the website is not safe and secure, they will abandon the shopping cart and move to another site. WordPress is a secular CMS.

The platforms regularly update their platform to make it more secure and safe for its users. WordPress platform has an automatic update feature. It ensures your WordPress website does not miss any critical security updates.


As a business owner, you would want your website to stand out. Customers also prefer better-looking websites. WordPress platforms offer several themes and plugins to customize your site’s appearance and function the way you like. There are several WordPress web design features that allow you to create your dream website.

Hosts Multimedia

Multimedia such as photo, video, podcasting, and live casting, sharing files can spread the word about your business. It can help you find a broader customer base and bring more business.

Multimedia is easy to share and view. People like to share good multimedia content with others. This particular type of social media can go viral quickly. WordPress allows you to host multimedia on your website. The platform also offers a multimedia editor that allows editing photos before uploading them to your website.

Mobile Friendly

According to the Internet traffic report, 57% of all web traffic is from mobile devices. It means a large number of potential customers would be accessing your website through their mobile devices. If your site is not mobile-friendly, it will hamper the user experience.

In other words, potential customers will leave your website without making purchases. WordPress platform offers many responsive website themes. You can use mobile-friendly WordPress plugins that can make your website mobile-friendly. Google also likes mobile-friendly websites since mobile-friendly websites also have weightage in search engine rankings.


There are several marketing tools online that can increase customer outreach. For example, you want to start an email campaign. WordPress has excellent integration capabilities. Many 3rd party online marketing tools can be integrated with your website.

You can integrate email marketing tools with your WordPress website. This will allow you to manage the campaign easily from one interface. WordPress also works with Google analytics. It will enable you to track audience actions and read their minds. All this helps in improving your website and campaigns for better conversions.

Easy to Use

One of the problems in maintaining a website is you have to keep it updated. WordPress websites are easy to update. You don’t need to contact the web Design Company to do the work. You can do it by yourself.

Adding pages and content to modifying it is quite easy. You don’t need to be tech-savvy. It is just like writing essays in Word documents, and the WordPress platform does the rest. There are several free learning resources online that can help you learn how to maintain your WordPress website.

Establishes a Community

Social communities play an essential role in the growth of businesses. There is a secure link between online communities and brands. It is essential to foster customer loyalty. WordPress platform allows you to share blog posts on social media networks.

You can also communicate with visitors through the comments section. WordPress has several features and plugins that help in establishing communities that can bring more business.

Thus, you can see the WordPress platform offers many features that can help build a strong brand that will bring more business.