A picture might be worth a thousand words, but for business owners and operators, a picture should clearly tell the story in as few as words as possible. One of the most effective ways to attract new customers involves presenting photographs that highlight your most appealing products and services.

Ask a company such as GoPromotional.net about the value of presenting visually appealing product photographs. This promotional products distributor has used quality photography to drive their business growth. By presenting unique product photographs on their website in the highest quality, in enriched settings, they were able to increase conversions and sales volume.

Let’s look at several tips for business owners operating in niches that require professionally taken photographs.

Product Photography Tips for eCommerce Businesses

Since online shopping takes away the opportunity to touch products, eCommerce operators have to convey as much information as possible about the products they sell online. A better understanding about how a product works, as well as the benefits it delivers, goes a long way towards establishing the level of trust needed to consummate a sale.

Here are 8 tips for eCommerce operators to optimize the selling capability of product photographs:

  • Use a steady surface to shoot photos
  • The larger the camera file size, the better
  • Place product in front of a neutral background
  • Get the entire product in the photo
  • Details matter
  • Diffused lighting beats flash lighting every time
  • Capture authentic colors
  • Do not use props

Property Photo Tips for Real Estate or Rental Property

Advanced technology has made virtual real estate tours a hit among prospective home buyers. The key is for real estate professionals to upload images and live footage that puts a property’s best selling points forward. You do not have to be a Hollywood director to get the most impactful shots of a home or a rental property. However, the property management team at Utopia Management says you should follow the following tips to make virtual home tours and property listing photographs a hit among potential buyers.

  • A tripod delivers stability
  • Use light stands
  • Wide angle lens captures more of a property
  • Work with multiple light flashes
  • Preset editing features for convenience
  • Advanced editing features accentuate visual appeal
  • Hire an editing service
  • Insurance to cover property damage

Tips for Clothing Photography

We discussed the photography tips that work well for eCommerce stores. Highlighting the visual best features of a product can convince online shoppers to take action. However, one product line requires additional tips to optimize its appeal.

Many photographers, both amateurs and professionals, think shooting apparel is not as difficult as it is taking pictures of higher end products like jewelry and automobiles. However, shooting up close shots of clothing takes a refined set of skills that require photographers to implement the following helpful tips.

Work with a Model

Although using a mannequin saves a photographer money, as well as the hassle of dealing with someone’s ego, working with a model brings out the greatest attributes of apparel. From a flattering blouse to a stylish pair of jeans, nothing beats working with a model to convey the best features of a line of clothing.

Different Angles, Different Perspectives

Shooting pics of clothing requires taking shots from different angles to give prospective customers more information to process before making a buying decision. Capture the front, back, and side views to create a 360-degree visual for shoppers.

Highlight the Best Features

Whether it is a flawless zipper or a decorative cuff, highlighting the most appealing features of clothing should move potential customers closer to completing a sale.

What to Highlight for Service Businesses

How do businesses that operate on a services only model leverage the power of professional photography? The answer is by treating a photo shoot like a captivating literary figure tells a story. Photographs are not the only visual aid that helps companies to market services. Videos also play an important role in telling a company’s story. Uploading photos and videos to your company’s website and Facebook page can show the stories of not only employees, but also customers that effusively endorse your company’s services.

Here are some other photography tips for service-oriented businesses.

Work with Natural Lighting

Although flash lighting works great for capturing the best features for products such as a line of clothing, natural lighting does a much better job of letting businesses tell compelling stories. This means the more you shoot outdoors, the more authentic your message comes across.

Capture the Real Deal

Nothing puts a damper on the presentation of photographs more than shooting staged action. Most consumers can detect a phony photograph because of obvious unnatural interactions. Let a story play out naturally to create the most convincing photographs for marketing your business.

Clear Shots Rule

The primary goal of shooting pics for your business should be to convey a clear message. Cluttering a photograph with unnecessary props muddles your promotional message.

Stock Photos Can Tell a Compelling Story

You do not have to include stock photographs in your inventory of visual aids. However, stock photography sites can provide you with ideas about how to shoot photos of your service-oriented business. If you use stock photography, make sure to give credit when credit is due.

Pro Tip: Importance of post-processing- Skilled editors equipped with the technology can transform your images to a whole new level. Be it publishing on print media or online platforms, professional photo editing can give unique imagery to set you apart. Audiences will instantly associate these images with you, which will establish your brand.