Amazon has always provided creators and bloggers with ways to generate revenues through their program. It originally started with the Amazon Affiliate program and has since been expanded to include current influencers with a specialized Amazon Influencer program. This provides enhanced features that work better with the influencer’s user base and engagement.


First, you’ll need an actual social media account such as YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. Although Amazon doesn’t specify exactly how many followers you need, it needs to be significant to start and estimated at tens of thousands.

It’s not just about the followers, Amazon also checks for engagement from users. It is trying to screen influencers who may have inactive or inflated numbers due to bots and other deterrents with social media. Amazon influencers need that engaged audience because the end goal is for those users to make a purchase through the influencer on Amazon itself eventually.

Then it’s all about simply applying to become an Amazon Influencer and filling out the application.


It’s important to note that both the Amazon influencers program and Amazon Affiliate program are part of the Amazon Associates Program. The Amazon Affiliate program is an older program that really allows anyone to sign up. Through a simple process, these affiliates can easily start to recommend products throughout Amazon and really don’t need to show any type of user engagement.

But, of course, some minimum sales need to be hit, and these accounts are reviewed from time to time, about twice a year.

The Amazon Influencer program is a much more selective yet robust platform that helps social media influencers who have the appropriate levels of engaged followers to build out a customized storefront to help generate revenues. Although it has requirements, the compensation from sales makes it a worthwhile endeavor. These customizations, whether with the storefront or the URL, help to promote the products from the influencer to their engaged following.


You’ll need a regular Amazon account to start out with, and then you’ll be able to apply to the Amazon influencers program. Yet how to become an Amazon influencer is a bit of a process. Besides the usual information such as name and address, you’ll need to provide your top social media account, as well as all your other social media channels. You’ll also need to submit a profile picture as evidence and do a bio of yourself.

After that, it depends on how busy Amazon is, but your application will be reviewed, and if you meet the criteria, then they’ll notify you that you’re an Amazon Influencer.


Once you are approved as an influencer, then the design and customization of your storefront can begin. It’s available from your Amazon influencer dashboard and allows you to create the page as you see fit.

You can add photos, videos, products, and relevant content in any design you want. You won’t need to make it look like an Amazon page. The best part is you can use a customized URL to send out to your followers, which will then be directed to your Amazon Storefront. It is also responsive, so it looks great on desktop or mobile every time.


If you’re an influencer and able to get into the Amazon Influencer program, then you should fully take advantage of it. It is a great way to set up an eCommerce site with the power of Amazon behind it and without the need to stock up on inventory in many cases.