In today’s digital world, having an effective digital marketing team is critical to propelling your company forward and maximizing your investment in marketing. However, managing an internet marketing team can be overwhelming and daunting as a CEO or digital marketing team leader. This is because you also have other business priorities that need your attention, not to mention many employees in charge of numerous tasks. Read on for seven tips to effectively manage your digital marketing team, boost their productivity and morale, and help you build a solid online presence.

Establish key performance metrics

Before undertaking your digital team management, it is critical first to establish how your company measures digital marketing success. What do you want to achieve with your digital marketing campaign? Do you want to increase brand awareness, boost sales, drive traffic, or get more leads?

If you are aiming to increase sales, you should consider hiring experienced SEO analysts to measure your website data and perform split tests to increase conversion rates. However, to improve your brand awareness, you should focus on finding a digital creator who will provide you with informative, engaging, and valuable, high-quality content for dissemination across all digital marketing platforms.

Create micro goals

Whether you are a startup or an existing business, you often have a primary goal that you work towards. However, achieving your long-term goal right away is not always possible, so you should consider setting micro-goals that complement your company’s bottom line to enable effective digital marketing team management.

Separate your company’s primary goals into daily, weekly, or monthly micro goals. This creates a clear path toward achieving the primary goal. You should then communicate the micro goals to your team and ensure everyone understands their role. Next, ensure your team is keen on monitoring progress. For instance, you could schedule weekly meetings to discuss your digital marketing team’s progress on the micro goals.

Invest in the right tech tools

Thanks to recent technological advancements, you no longer need to create documents manually to assess your digital marketing team’s progress and success. There are tools such as Slack, Trello, Buffer, Hubspot, Google collaboration tools, and buffer, to mention a few, that can help you manage your internet marketing team digitally.

For instance, Hubspot provides a marketing tool that enables you to drive more traffic, create inbound marketing campaigns and increase sales. Trello allows you to create different job boards, assign tasks, and develop checklists for projects. Slack enables you to stay in contact with each team member, even those working remotely.

Buffer helps you manage your social media marketing campaigns. It simplifies your social media post approval process and enables you to respond to messages and comments from your social media accounts and track performance. Google collaboration tools such as presentations, docs, and sheets enable your team to access and edit documents simultaneously.

Hire and retain the right people

Be sure to create an effective hiring and recruiting process to ensure you have the right people on your team. This involves reviewing candidates’ portfolios and other documents proving the potential employer’s previous marketing ideas have resulted in cash flow. You should also check credentials to establish that candidates are as talented and qualified as they claim to be. A rigorous interviewing process can help determine whether a candidate fits your organization’s culture. Other ways to ensure you have the right people in your team include:

  • Soliciting existing staff for referrals
  • Giving candidates skill tests relevant to the roles they are applying for
  • Firing employees who do not meet your current digital marketing needs

With that being said, it is worth noting that recruiting and hiring full-time employees is costly. Consider outsourcing some of your digital marketing roles, such as content marketing, to independent contractors to cut costs.

Reward success

An effective way to motivate your digital marketing team is by offering incentives. Rewarding success makes your staff feel valued and appreciated, which boosts their morale and productivity. However, ensure you first explore the incentives that motivate your employees to create an effective reward system. Some employees may prefer choosing their projects, an off-day, promotions, or financial benefits.

Invest in employee training

The digital marketing world is constantly evolving, so investing in ongoing team training and education is one of the surefire ways to ensure your team stays on top of industry demands. Be sure to support employees who need in-depth training in their areas of expertise and encourage your team to read relevant blogs, headlines, and articles to foster team growth.


An effective digital marketing team can help you increase your brand’s awareness and sales and handle marketing campaigns as you focus on other core tasks that require immediate attention. Establish key performance metrics, create micro goals, invest in the right tech tools and staff training, reward success, and hire the right people to manage your digital marketing team efficiently.