Framing is more than just hanging your picture up on the wall. Choosing the right picture frame is crucial to enhancing the quality of your photo as well as complementing your interior space. Many factors go into creating the perfect picture frame for your photo.

Choosing the right picture frame for your photo can be overwhelming at times. This article provides information on how to choose a picture frame to frame your photograph.

1. Research Frame Types and Styles

Research is the most important factor when choosing the perfect picture frame for your art, print or photo. Get to know the different kinds of frames by searching online and offline. Pinterest is a good starting point to research your taste in picture frames.

There are different sorts of frames on Pinterest. See if you can choose a frame that catches your eye. If anything catches your fancy, do further research and see if it best suits your piece of photo. Even if you can’t find the exact frame online, there are plenty of options to build custom picture frames.

2. Ensure the Material and Color Compliment Your Photo

The material of the picture frame is an important consideration. There are different types of wood and metal frames that differ in color, size, style, and thickness. The picture or print that you plan to frame plays an important part in choosing the type of material of your frame. In fact, different pieces of art and photos require different types of frame materials.

For example, black and white photos and abstract photos are complemented well with simple metal frames while wooden frames are ideal for wholesome photographs and paintings.

In fact, a metal frame’s crisp finish will enhance the display of the photo or print rather than drawing attention from the picture. On the other hand, wooden frames offer a more rugged and traditional look. They complement wholesome photographs and paintings with warmth and elegant detail.

The color of the frame plays a crucial role when choosing the best picture frame for your photographs. Whether you are trying to compliment any interior design style or emphasize a feature in your artwork, remember to go with your gut when choosing the right color. The best way to choose the right color for your picture frame is to choose a color from the photo or piece of art.

It helps accentuate a specific color as well as give off a feeling of continuity within the display. If the print or photo has only one color, choose a frame of the same shade to emit a sense of stability. But if you select the frame color depending on a tiny shade of color in the photo or piece of artwork, it will draw attention to the specific color within the piece.

If you are planning to frame a clean and simple piece, choose a frame color that’s the complete opposite of that in the picture. It helps create a dramatic effect and draws the eyes to the framed picture or artwork. It also helps make a bold statement.

3. Don’t Forget the Mat

Matting is another factor to consider when choosing the best frame for your picture or artwork. In fact, matting will add a decorative touch to your work of art.

It will also separate the piece from the cover. On the other hand, adding a mat will result in a formal and tidy look to your display. It will really complement the picture or artwork within the frame. You should also keep in mind that matting is great for small pictures and art items.

The aforementioned article provides information on how to choose the best picture frame to frame your photograph.