Wine stains are similar to any other stains; the quicker you work with them, the easier it gets to remove. Waiting too long causes the stain to be permanently etched on the carpet, which implies harsher chemicals and more effort is needed to get the wine stains off.

Methods to remove stains out of carpet

Here are some easy ways to get wine stains out of the carpet.

Use Baking Soda for Fresh Stains

Using a clean cloth to blot as much spilled alcohol as you can immediately. And ensure you are blotting the stain, not rubbing it all over. Use a rag or paper towels as appropriate.

After soaking up the wine, you’re left with a smaller mess to clear up or at least reduce the staining. If the wine has been soaked up (as much as possible), put a little warm water on the same spot.

Avoid soaking up the carpet; the goal here is to dilute the wine inside the carpet fibers. Try to blot until you have lifted as much of the stains.

You’ll handle what’s left with a baking soda paste created by mixing three water sections with one part of the baking soda. You’re going to have to smear the paste on the stained areas and let it sit. Come back later and repeat the wetting and blotting process to remove stains. This only works for quick removal and in a pinch. The baking soda compound tends to be able to remove traces of wine stains.

Use Vinegar for Old Stains

When the baking soda solution doesn’t work well on a severe red wine stain that you overlooked, vinegar might be a possible solution to clean the carpet stains.

White vinegar can be something that you can easily find in your kitchen pantry. It can be used for many DIY home cleanings e.g. to keep your glasses spot-free, dishes, your coffee machine, among other things. For a new stain, blot the area with a clean cloth and attempt the following: For every two cups of warm water, mix a tablespoon of vinegar and a tablespoon of dish soap. Using a sponge, add this solution to the wine stain, blot it until it begins to surface. Scrub gently and wipe with clean rag.

Use a Laundry Stain Remover

You will many want to use a laundry stain cleaner if you don’t have vinegar on hand and the baking soda method does not perform. Spray N Wash is a great stain cleansing and also has the worst clothes stains. When in a pinch, you could use your laundry detergent. Do dilute it with water before using. We suggest that you apply it on a tiny corner of your carpets first to help ensure it doesn’t discolor the carpet.

Spray the stained region with the stain cleaner until it is slightly damp. Let it settle down for ten minutes. Using a slightly damp clean cloth to blot out the cleaning solution and the stain.

Rent or Buy a Home Use Carpet Cleaner

Whether you have one stain to contend with—or an incredibly stubborn stain in multiple spots—you may need to do a thorough carpet cleaning.

You could pay a specialist to come in and professionally clean the carpets (highly recommended), but if the budget is your largest concern, then you may wish to do it yourself. You may be pleased with the performance of a rental model if you are not looking for any heavy stain removal. Because if you don’t want a complete, stand-up steam cleaner, spot cleaners perform well to get tiny stains removed. They’re easily to schedule than your professional carpet cleaners, too. Just walk into a store to pick one up. One caveat is most rental carpet cleaning machines do not have enough suction for a proper clean. When the cleaning solution isn’t fully removed from your carpets, they turn your carpets into dirt magnets that attract dust & dirt. Or they may take hours to perform a job that a professional equipment can complete in minutes. We do not recommend using rental units for this reason.

Hire a professional carpet cleaning company

Professional carpet cleaners have two benefits to homeowners seeking to clean their carpets thoroughly: years of experience and more powerful machinery. CleanMyTribe provides Carpet Cleaning in Lafayette IN explains:

  • Professionals know how to work with unique cases, such as preventing water damage, removing the toughest stains, preventing new stains.
  • Professional carpet cleaners can have your carpets in the entire house cleaned in just a few hours. With their powerful machinery, your carpets will be dry in no time.

What is hot water extraction or steam cleaning?

Steam cleaning is a hot-water extraction method that cleans carpets much more deeply than a customer’s rental unit can do.

Strangely, it doesn’t necessarily require steam but instead boiling water forced into a powerful hose method that will flush out the soil at the lowest level of the carpet. This is how it usually works:

The carpet specialist pre-spray the carpets with a unique cleaning formula that lightens stains and lifts debris to the surface. They can even agitate the carpet with a brush to improve the efficacy of this method.

Next, using a wand attached to a truck mount or stand up equipment outside, the carpet cleaners then spray the carpet with boiling water, often 200° or more, spraying and loosening soil, dirt and residues. The wand instantly vacuums the combination of water and solvent into the holding tank and extract the dirt out of your carpet fibers, leaving only nothing but a clean, moist carpet which will dry in a few hours.