When it comes to kitchen remodeling, money is never the prime challenge. The most important trick is to figure out the right things according to your kitchen size. Kitchen sizes can vary but most of the houses around the US have medium sized kitchens. The “medium” depends upon the size of your apartment or house and the whole sizing thing can be really confusing but lucky for us, Kitchen Infinity gives a good answer to what the average kitchen size is. Once you have your kitchen size figured out, you can go ahead and start selecting the right types of materials that will complement your kitchen.

While cabinets and countertops are generally given more importance, it is the gadgets and appliances that are normally neglected while remodeling a kitchen. But no more negligence!

In this article right here, we tell you the right kind of kitchen appliances and gadgets according to your kitchen size.

1. Refrigerator

Besides energy efficiency and matching the design, the main choice when it comes to a refrigerator is whether you want a top freezer, bottom freezer, or French doors(freezer on the side).

If you have a small kitchen, then just go for a small sized single door regular refrigerator. That way it won’t take up much space and still cater to your kitchen needs. The width of the refrigerator is also a concern. Make sure it’s the size you need but doesn’t block any part of the kitchen when the door is open. If perhaps, because of an island the space in front of the fridge is tight French doors are a better bet.

2. Oven

The oven is one of the most important kitchen appliances you will choose. Keeping this in mind it’s very important that it meets the requirements of your kitchen. Things to consider while buying one would include the energy source, style, size, and especially functionality. If you have a bigger family or frequent people coming over, make cooking time easier, and invest in a sleek double oven. It will be of immense help if the kids want a separate menu or there are multiple course meals when hosting guests. Whether you go for speed cooking ovens, pyrolytic ovens or the ones mounted on walls is completely dependent on your choice and the space in your kitchen.

3. Dishwashers

Dishwashers today are more efficient, easy to load, and quieter than the old models. If you have little space, then go for an 18inch model, you will be surprised to know that it’s roomier than you thought.

When you have the size sorted out, other things to look out for would include a sturdy and well-designed dishwasher. It should have flexible space such as adjustable racks. These are very useful for loading wine glasses, platters, and pasta pots too. The position of the door and sound levels are two other major factors. If you plan on using it at night, make sure it’s whisper-quiet while the door position in front is okay as long as it’s not blocking space, the new on top doors give you a sleeker look since it’s hidden.

4. Hood

Choosing a cooker hood for the first time often surprises people on how much thought it requires. First and foremost practical consideration would be, Do you want the extraction or recirculation type? The most popular type is extraction as it removes the odors, smoke and steam from the air before extracting it outside.

However, the issue is that the extractor hood requires an external wall to be mounted to and keep the ventilation mechanics smooth. If your design demands more flexibility, recirculation hoods are a better option as they not can fit anywhere in the kitchen but also work by cleaning the air and redistributing it to the kitchen. Recirculation hoods use charcoal technology to clean your air so you may also hear people refer to them as carbon cooker hoods.

5. Coffee Machine

Last but certainly not least, our beloved coffee machines. Is there anything better than the smell of freshly brewed coffee? Imagine enjoying that aroma every morning. The experience of expert brewed coffee shouldn’t be limited to a cafe only. If you have decided to get a coffee machine, it’s useful to compare all the functionalities and features you would prefer because they are different across models and brands. Whether you go for soft brew, mocka or an aeropress depends on how fine or coarse you want your coffee.

Lastly, save yourself from the gimmicks of cheap brands ladies and some gentlemen. We always recommend going for established brands because of the warranty and durability they provide. Also Investing some time to create a list of your design and functionality needs saves you money and effort in the longer run. We hope these tips help you put your dream kitchen together. Good luck!