Cleaning any part of your house whether it’s the staircase, the chandelier, the porch, etc can be a daunting task. Some individuals opt for professional cleaning services such as to get the job done. However, other individuals do not necessarily have the financial freedom or financial flexibility to be able to hire a professional cleaning service and thus have to take up the daunting task of cleaning both the interior and exterior of the staircase or staircases in their house or apartment.

Professionals will obviously know how to properly clean both the exterior and interior, however, normal individuals who do not necessarily spend time cleaning staircases might not in fact know what is the proper way to clean both the interior and exterior. In this article, we will be providing a step by step guide on how to properly clean both the interior and exterior of your staircase (s) so that it looks brand new and maintained to perfection.

Step by Step Guide to cleaning your staircase


For the step by step guide, we are first going to begin with explaining thoroughly how to clean the interior of your staircase. Now each step varies depending on the material of the staircase.

Cleaning the interior of wood staircases:

1. Since wood staircases are more prone to getting dirt lodged in the crevices, the first step to cleaning the interior requires you to either carefully sweet or vacuum any dust and dirt that might be lodged into the wood.

2. Now for this second step, you have to take utmost care and attention to detail. This step requires you to wipe clean the stairs using only a damp sponge. If you use any other material other than a sponge, you risk scuffing up the wood and those scuff marks are really hard to remove.

3. Step 3 should be done as soon as step 2 has been completed. This step requires you to wipe down the stairs again but this time making sure that the wood is completely dry. If you leave even a tiny droplet of water or any wet spot, this could lead to severe problems later such as the build-up of moss and fungus in the wet from dampness.

4. Although you have cleaned the wood down once with a wet sponge, now come’s the actual cleaning with cleaning solutions designed for hardwood floors. In this step, you will have to make sure you clean your stairs with the cleaner, go over the stairs with a mop or a sponge, and again make sure the stairs are dry.

If you follow the steps mentioned above, your wood floors will look clean in no time.

Cleaning the exterior of wood staircases:

1. Now if your staircase is located in an area that is subject to the elements on a daily basis, your staircase is going to look really worn and torn. The first step is to do a quick sweep. This means going from top to bottom of the staircase and sweeping away any debris.

2. With wood, you can never be too careful as dirt and debris can get lodged in between crevices. In this step, you will be using a power washer to completely hose down the staircase and really make sure you get in between each crevice to fully get rid of dirt.

3. Use a solution specifically designed for outdoor wooden stairs to polish and refurbish your stairs, and go over that with a power washer to get rid of dirt once again.

4. It is wise to leave your staircase to dry for at least 48 hours after using the solution on them to ensure maximum effect.

If you find cleaning staircases difficult, then you should definitely hire a professional service like to get the job done.