Learn how to create a Vector Analog Clock Icon from scratch in Illustrator!

Final Result

1. Create a new document that’s 500×500, using the ellipse tool draw a circle like below while holding down the shift key (to keep the shape perfect). I haven’t written out any colour codes in this tutorial, you can put in any colours you like. Place a dark colour for the stroke of the circle and a light to dark to light gradient.

2. Draw another smaller circle using the Ellipse tool, select the two circles using the Selection Tool and press the 2 icons I’ve circled in the Align Box to align them perfectly. Make it a light tone of the colour your using.

3. Draw another circle like below and align it. Make it a darker tone this time.

4 Again draw another circle, align it & make it grey with a white stroke.

5. Yet again draw another circle and align it. Put a white to light grey radial gradient.

6. Next draw a black line like below using the rectangle tool or rounded rectangle tool. Select all the circles and line with the selection tool and click on the icon circled to align the line.

7. While holding down the shift key select the inner circle and rectangle shape, select the rotate tool. While holding down the Alt key left click on the center of the circle.

8. The Rotate window should appear. To make it simple I’ve written 360 (for the whole circle) and then written the amount of lines that can be duplicated in the circle (360/12). After you have done that press copy.

9. Because the inner circle was also selected it will have duplicated the circle as well as the line, click on the duplicated circle and press delete. Now select the line and press CTRL+D to duplicate it 12 times around the circle.

10. Draw another smaller line using the same tool, align the smaller line like step 6.

11. Complete step seven again but for the smaller line. When the Rotate window comes up enter 360/60 & click copy. This will be for the seconds on the clock.

12. Like before delete the duplicated circle, select the duplicated line and press ctrl+D to duplicate it around the clock.

13. Write out 12 & 6, hold down shift and select the numbers & white circle. Click on the Horizontal Align Center icon to center the 2 numbers. Then write out 3 & 6, select the 2 numbers and the circle and click on the circled icon below in the Align box to center.

14. Press ctrl+’ to bring up the grid, elsewhere on the canvas draw a line triangle shape like below using the pen tool and the grid as a guide. Duplicate the shape by selecting it and dragging out the shape while holding down the ALT key. Draw a shape covering half of the duplicated triangle, select the 2 shapes and click on the Minus Front icon in the Pathfinder box.

You’ll be left with half of the triangle, change the colour to white, and the opacity to 30%. Place the the shape over the black triangle.

15,Select the 2 shapes and duplicate them two times to create the clock hands. To make the other 2 hands short and long select them with the Selection Tool and make the longer or shorter.

16,  Using the Ellipse Tool draw a small circle with a gradient with the colour of your choice.

17. Draw a small circle elsewhere on the canvas and duplicate it overlapping the previous circle. Select the 2 circles and click on the Minus Front icon to be left with a moon like shape.


18. Make the shape white with a transparency of 12%. Place it over the circle like below. Select the 2 shapes, right click > Arrange > Arrange to Front so the hands will be under the circle point. Move the hands onto the clock rotate each hand by selecting them with the Selection tool and rotate the edges.

19. Next duplicate the main white circle (using the method I showed you). Duplicate the circle and place them over each other. Select the 2 circles and click on the icon circled below to be left with a half moon shape again.

20. Make the shape a dark grey, with a transparency of 2% and place it over the clock like below.

21. For the drop down shadow, draw a circle with a radial gradient of light grey to none.

22. Place the shadow underneath the clock and edit the size so it’s squashed.

Final Result