A simple online storyboard creator, like Krock, might be used in many industries by many people who know or who don’t know how to draw. Many specialists from movies, TV shows, music, and advertising use free online storyboard creators to sketch their ideas.

Here, we are describing three main stages that you will face when using story creator online. They are perfect for web animation and marketing!

Basically, storyboards are key frame sketches that represent your final work. They help focus on quality when it comes to final shootings, so no one on the team guesses what goes next.

The Elements of Storyboarding

There are several elements of any online storyboard creator.

  • Panels are the viewport. Even though they can be any size and ratio you want, they should fit the container size when you put them into the browser.
  • Framing and composition are the choices of space in the panel to place the items you want to animate. This is important to determine if the edge of the panel is visible or not. If you do not want to see it, you should always keep everything in the frame.
  • You can use the arrow to convey the movement and show the direction of an element.

Creating the Storyboards

There are no strict rules, and you don’t have to be an artist when it comes to storyboarding. The idea is to tell the chronology using as few sketches as possible. You can illustrate your panels to illustrate some aspects of your animation if necessary.

3 Steps to Create the Best Storyboard

Animation is not new in storytelling. It has been used for decades and can be used in many other ways since it has no physical, ethical, or other borders. There are three storyboarding stages that include pre-production, production, and post-production. So, during pre-production, you think about what the future video will be about. During the production, the designers, artists, animators, etc., create a video step by step, frame by frame. And during the post-production, specialists work on finishing the product — edit, color, etc. Animation is an art that can be done by anyone, and story creator online can help with that. You can combine hand-drawn and digital arts, 2D and 3D, or anything really that is out of this world.

The storyboard falls into the pre-production part, during which several steps are taking place

  1. Generating concept for the animation, including setting and all characters.
  2. Creating sketches of each scene. This helps you understand everyone on your team and what exactly you create.
  3. Planning camera angles and other aspects that add up to that artistry.

The storyboard itself is also can be divided into three steps

  1. Rough sketch. The first step is to understand what is happening and what will happen in the story. The sketches usually are done by hand or with the help of an online storyboard creator like Krock.
  2. In-progress drawing. During this step, illustrators create more detailed versions of storyboards that present the whole picture of the future result.
  3. Final Drawings. And the last step is finishing the storyboarding — finishing with the details, adding text, and exporting the document.


As there are plenty of different online storyboard creators, not each of them can satisfy the needs of both amateurs and professionals. Luckily, there is Krock — it is intuitive and user-friendly cloud-based software that has plenty of fans all over the world.

You need to spend plenty of time to achieve success in the mastery of creating the storyboard, but with the right tools, you can make the process more pleasant!