The way you furnish your studio apartment can be make or break when it comes to quality of life. A beautifully, efficiently designed studio can be used to store all of your personal belongings, showcase your unique design aesthetic and be the ideal place to live, work and play.

Zoning Your Studio

Think about ways you can zone your space to accommodate different activities and make the space more dynamic. For example, a large bookshelf can be used to subdivide your studio and create more private areas for getting ready, studying or relaxing. Use a decorative screen to create an entry area where you can store your shoes and jackets. Add rugs and decorative floor mats to your different “rooms.”

Add Color

Don’t be afraid of adding pops of color to define your different spaces. Yellow throw pillows in your living area could complement your teal bedding and make the two spaces feel distinct but coherent. Consider painting an accent wall (if your apartment lease allows it) or creating a feature wall with removable wallpaper. Shallow, wall mounted storage is great for storing books and knickknacks. A wall mirror can make the space feel bigger and is functional for getting ready in the morning or a night out.

Furniture That Serves Multiple Purposes


Be selective and creative with the furniture you purchase; less is definitely more in this case. Find a small dining table that can hug a wall adjacent to the kitchen; folding arms to accommodate guests is an even better option. Look for furniture that can stack, fold, move and transform. Nesting chairs drastically reduce the footprint of seating without sacrificing on quantity.

A sleeper sofa is great for guests and takes up the same amount of space as a regular couch. A well designed studio should feel cozy and snug when you’re alone but still able to accommodate your friends and family for dinner parties or even small house parties. The furniture you buy can make all of the difference between a cluttered space and an urban oasis.

Maximize Bedroom Space

Efficient storage is critical for a successful, comfortable studio apartment rental. Your M.O. should be “no square inch left behind.” The biggest (and often biggest missed opportunity) for storage is under your bed. Using this space is a must in order to maximize efficiency.

Even if you opt for a traditional, low bed you can store clothing and belongings in plastic containers. Raising your bed and adding rolling storage underneath is a savvier option to really max out your space. If you’re really bold, a loft bed (bunk bed without the bottom bunk) will give you usable floor area under the bed so you can create a work/study nook, lounge or pillow fort (and who doesn’t need a pillow fort?!).

With proper planning, living in a studio apartment rental can feel spacious and luxurious. Subdividing your space, maximizing storage and picking multipurpose furniture will help you live big even in the tiniest spaces. Make your furniture work for you and you will reap the rewards and find that your “small space” is a lot more versatile than you thought it could be.