When you want to sell a house, two things ring in mind: market faster and fetch a good return. With that in mind, it’s therefore crucial to approach the process as if you are the buyer and find out what would impress you during your open house, or rather, what would impress your potential buyers. Therefore, putting your home in good shape is essential to impress the buyers before hosting an open house.

An Open House

An open house is a set period in which a home set for sale is available for viewing by potential home buyers. An open house offers a way of marketing your house for sale.

How to Prepare for An Open House

Preparing your house for an open house in advance is crucial since it raises your chances of selling off faster and at a reasonable rate. The preparation should consider the in-person and people who search online before visiting.

Declutter Your Home

Potential home buyers want a representable home; hence it’s essential to make sure your house is clean, neat and decluttered. A neat, clean, and well-organized place creates a positive environment and gives the potential buyer hope for a promising and comfortable future if they purchase the house. Clutter obstructs viewing making movements difficult and also may make rooms appear smaller. You can remove anything that may make your rooms look messy such as old toys and cluttered articles of clothing.

Create a Fresh and Elegant Environment

In most cases, family members meet in the living room to enjoy their moments together, and it’s where most family fun moments occur. Hence you need to ensure your living room is friendly and with a sense of freshness and family love. You can dress up entry to the living room with a simple, stylish table and a bouquet of well-designed flowers that are well-spaced. You can order bespoke flower arrangements from Shique Floral for a creative display of beautiful flowers that create a cheerful touch and a live environment. Having fresh flowers also helps the rooms smell fresh and get rid of odors. Flowers offers a natural way of keeping the air in the house smelling good and fresh.

Make The Entrance Attractive

First impressions can easily excite your potential buyers. Hence it’s crucial to create an attractive environment on the outside to woo your potential buyers. You can achieve a fantastic first impression by;

  • Painting the doors
  • Creating an attractive landscape, especially at the entrance
  • Replacing lighting fixtures that may have lost their glory
  • Replacing or repainting plant containers
  • Replacing dusty or old doormats with attractive mats

Remove Your Personalized Items from View

Buyers want to create an environment of their own in their mind which might be difficult if they can read too much of you in the house. Hence, it’s essential to keep away all the personalized items such as family photos, personal art. It’s also important to lighten your closets and shelves or leave them empty to give room for the potential buyers to visualize their world.

Create A Purpose for Each Room

Display each room such that it creates a picture of its purpose to the viewers. A well-planned display shows how they can use each room and adds creativity to show how specific spaces such as the basement can be helpful. You can display a finished basement as a guest room, a home theatre, or a home gym. The creativity in displaying all the spaces creates value to all the available areas, captivating your potential buyers rather than just showing empty rooms.


Hosting an open house requires planning with the buyer in mind and not you as the seller. You need to organize your house to create a conducive and attractive environment that depicts comfort and fun. The house should appeal from the exterior to the broadest range of potential home buyers. Do not forget to create a sense of freshness and life by including fresh flowers which rhyme with your house theme. Remember, flowers done by professionals does the magic better than doing trial and error. The floral designers will help you choose whether to use rose, lavender, chamomile or others.

Hopefully, these tips help you find a buyer for your home faster. However, if you don’t have the time or the budget to prepare your home. Selling directly to a real estate investor like The Local House Buyers may be worth considering.