When businesses start to weigh up the benefits vs costs of integrating video conferencing into their organisation. A lot of things must be considered. One of the most obvious cost benefits will be the elimination of any travel cost. Costs that will be encountered as people move around the country to attend physical meetings.

Improving video conferencing ROI (return on investment) is more than just travel costs, and MeetingZone are here to show you how you can improve ROI and enhance your business communication and collaboration to create a business model that is working at its best.

Connecting with employees and contractors by video is fast becoming a more accepted way of working. Participants can connect across vast distances and in different time zones. Or video conferencing can be used within an organization.

A lot of productivity platforms have recognized in recent times that video is a far better way to communicate than chat or email. Video also adds a human touch and many things are so easier to explain visually.

Take a look at these project management apps for marketers, some of which have support for video conferencing included. A quick glance at the infographic below might also better explain the rise of video conferencing in business.

The rise of video conferencing infographic

The rise of video conferencing infographic

Save More Than Just Travel Costs

What do you use video conferencing for in your business? Chances are it’s for meetings amongst teams or with clients and even potential future employees or prospective business opportunities. The travel costs associated with arranging and seeing these meetings through can amount to much more than just the train or petrol costs on physically getting to and attending the meeting.

We have all heard the famous saying “time equals money.” When looking at the cost benefits of video conferencing and how useful it could be for your business. Consider the time that your employees are spending away from the business travelling to and from meetings.

This is valuable time that could be being spent elsewhere within the business. With video conferencing software, you can integrate a system whereby meetings are being undertaken within an office environment, saving valuable hours on people leaving. 

Improving ROI

Video Conferencing in 2017

Use video conferencing to enhance your marketing and team productivity on ventures, we explore how this is possible

To understand how you can improve your return on investment you need to look in to how many benefits your particular video conferencing tools and software can be utilised within your business, and how many you are actually using; you could be paying for a package that is serving you much more than you would ever need.

What was once seen as something that businesses do not need to rely on is now becoming an essential tool for business collaboration and communication. One of the main problems that many businesses face is a lack of communication between teams. This can cause projects to take more time than they should.

When you delve into the capabilities of video conferencing and how it can be used within your business. It is important to focus on the communication and collaboration and how this can seriously impact the ROI of any costs that have been spent on the video conferencing software.

Use Video Conferencing It To Its Fullest Potential

Video conferencing offers so much for businesses, including the following:

  • Improved productivity & efficiency
  • Reduced travel costs
  • Enhanced training opportunities
  • Client / Customer Support
  • Faster response times
  • Business Growth & brand potential

Even with the use and integration of just a few of the benefits mentioned above can save businesses money. These benefits can even enhance the overall brand appeal for your organisation.

Consider what you will be using video conferencing for carefully before committing to any packages, and ensure that support is included in case of any problems – this will help you to quantify the costs of the software against what it is being utilised for within your business.

In 2017, it is becoming the norm to have a video conferencing capability already integrated and in full operable use by businesses. A younger, more technology focused workforce is expectant of this, and without it you could be missing out on opportunities.

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