As we already know, the modern farmhouse continues to dominate the home design trends, and the minimalist interiors also reign supreme. But, there is no easier way to enhance a home’s aesthetic rather than with a classic touch of greenery. It is fascinating to know that there are numerous ways to incorporate plants for improving the aesthetics of your home. Let’s have a look at some ideas.

Designate a Plant Cart

You may have been of bar carts, but plant carts are all the rage now. Keep in consideration that some varieties of plants require a ton of sun, while others need shade. However, there are also some plants that need a 50/50 mix. Now, you have driven yourself crazy, spinning your wheels, carrying planters around the home, trying to catch the golden hour rays or the early morning light. With the help of a plant cart, you can easily wheel your plants around to catch the sunlight.

Focus on the Planters

If you want to find the ideal plants for your space, it is also important to give special attention to the planters you use. Just go bold with patterns or some bright colors to liven up. You can also follow a simple approach and stick with white planters. We suggest looking for planters in varying sizes, in places like Urban Jungle, and place them together. The best idea is to place it on the top of the bookshelves or at the end of a long table.

Hang Plants in Small Spaces

Are you living in an apartment? Perhaps you are in an older model home with small, segmented rooms rather than an open floor plan? You may not have the footage to dedicate to an array of indoor plants. Are you looking for a solution to tricky interior design challenges? Just think vertical!

It’s best to use a plant hanger to display green beauties in a unique and unexpected way. You can also hang it on the wall, from the ceiling as well as above your kitchen sink. It’ll give your place a new look.

Think Outside the Bloom

Perennials that bloom with fragrant flowers are an amazing addition to your space. However, they are not your only option. You can easily expand the selection while decorating with plants. Furthermore, consider a decoration with stems, branches, sticks, and fronds. These ideas will add rustic simplicity to the home and minimal effort is required.

Embrace Long Vines

Are you thinking to trim your plants or giving them a haircut, their vines start to crawl? Numerous varieties such as Creeping Fig, Pothos, Philodendron, and Ivy have long and winding climber stems. You can easily make this look a part of décor, and wind the vines around table legs as well as shelving units to add a quick pop of color to any space.

Go Big and Bold in a Single Spot

There is no need to have a Ficus tree in every corner of your home. However, it also pays to go big in a single spot like beside the couch or front of a picture window. It helps to anchor a large room as well as gives your space a focal point.

Keep It Easy with Succulents 

Before you go and invest in indoor plants, ensure you are dedicating the time and attention to their care. However, if your lifestyle is fast-paced or you are not at home too often, a succulent is your best bet. The reasons are, it requires little water, sunlight, as well as maintenance. You can decorate tiny planters with different paints and patterns. Add as many succulents as you like.