Now that winter has arrived, and the days are getting increasingly colder, what better time to focus on making your home feel cosier? There are lots of ways you can add warmth and comfort to the home regardless of what budget you’re working with. To help get you started, below you’ll discover some of the best ways to make your house feel cosier this winter.

Invest in new soft furnishings

Winter is definitely the time to splash out on soft furnishings. Thick, fluffy throws for the sofa and bed are a great start. Not only do these add lots of warmth throughout the colder days, but they also look super-stylish too.

You can also change your bedding, investing in a higher tog duvet. In the cold months, a 15-tog duvet can prove extremely cosy. Adding curtains to the home is also a great idea if you currently only use blinds. Invest in thick curtains for a cosy feel and to help keep the heat inside the home. You can discover a great range of stylish curtains from companies such as Direct Blinds.

Give the home a new colour scheme

Another way to add a cosier feel to the home is to change its colour scheme. Deeper, darker colours tend to create the cosiest feel so think a deep red, brown, violet or even black if you want something really bold. The darker the colour scheme, the cosier it looks.

If you have the budget, it could be worth using wallpaper rather than just paint. This doesn’t just create a more stylish finish, but it also adds additional texture to the room, another thing that can add a level of cosiness.

Add winter flowers

Flowers can really help to enhance the look of the home and they’re not just perfect for summer. Adding ferns, thistles and berries creates a particularly cosy winter theme. It doesn’t matter whether the flowers are real or artificial; though real flowers will also add a nice scent to the room which brings us onto the next tip…

Add a warming scent

To really complete the cosy scene, you’ll want to add a warming scent to the home. Focus on woody and spicy aromas. For example, eucalyptus and fir tend to best represent winter. You can invest in scented candles, reed diffusers, plug in air fresheners and room sprays. It’s a great idea to spray your bedlinen and towels too.

Overall, creating a cosier feel to the home in winter is pretty easy. The above is just some of the affordable ways you can make the home feel cosier. Why not give them a try to see just how simple it can be to transform your living space to match the seasons.