At this time of year, chances are your business is probably starting to wind down ready for the festive season. Christmas cheer will be in the air, and all anyone really cares about is what fun and frolics will be had at the Christmas party. However some digital marketers say never stop selling and for some niches they would be right. Fortunately with email marketing you can plan a lot in advance.

So with that in mind one of the best things you can be doing now is planning a marketing campaign. Ensure that you kick start 2017 in the right way. What better way than with an e-marketing campaign that will get you noticed? Action takers get results and those who do generally succeed over those who listen but do not act.

New Year Email Campaigns

Are your January 2017 email marketing campaigns ready for prime time?

As the saying goes, if you plan to fail, you’re failing to plan… Make sure you’re on top of your e-marketing campaign. Do this well before the Christmas break starts with these top tips for a successful New Year’s e-marketing campaign from MiB Business Data. The good thing about email marketing is that much like social media campaigns it can be scheduled, tweaked and optimized in advance of publication.

What this means is that if you are intending to reach out and connect with customers on the 2nd of January. Then there is no need to start drafting your campaign that same day. These days email marketing platforms offer scheduling, advanced rule based automations and segmentation as well as many other valuable email marketing features.

So if you are busy over the holiday period or going away in New Year it is very easy to build your digital marketing campaign in advance. Apply email sending rules and automation sequences and schedule the campaign to send. Come January you can sit back and monitor the results of the email traffic without the urgency of building a campaign from scratch at the last minute.

Remember scheduling, list automation, and email segmentation tools are your best friend. Ignore them and their revenue and traffic potential and you will create more far work for yourself than is necessary.

Create Something Truly Unique

If you’re sending your audience the same old Boxing Day Sales, January Discounts etc. chances are they’re going to switch off. People don’t want to see an email full of discounts, they want to see something that will make them understand why they need your product. Have an original idea and execute it efficiently, giving you the confidence that your campaign will work. Be prepared to be a shepherd and not a sheep and lead from the front with innovative ideas and execution.

One of the best ways you can do this is to organise your team, brainstorm and bounce ideas off each other to produce something unique to your business. Getting people involved that may not usually be involved in marketing campaigns can create a fun atmosphere for the festive period.

Understand Your List Audience

unique selling point

What is the unique selling point or USP of the marketing campaign in New Year 2017 ?

Ensuring your data is segmented and utilised to its full potential will give your New Year’s e-marketing campaign a better chance of success. You know your audience better than anyone and understanding what they will react to will provide you more chance of success. After all what are you trying to sell and to whom?

Periodically clean out your email list. One mistake that many digital marketers make is in thinking that the size of their list offers a value that perhaps is not really there. After all if you own a list that is 100K strong but only 2% have ever engaged. What you really have is a 2K list, yet you will be paying a premium to your email firm for it’s upkeep. Not only that poor engagement and low open rates will affect future delivery. Be prepared to clean the email list every month or so and purge dead and bounced addresses.

Distracted But Not Forgotten

Distracted over Christmas

Your digital audience will be distracted over Christmas but they are not completely out of reach either.

Even though a lot of people won’t admit to it. Market research shows that your audience is still listening and receptive over the Christmas break.

Of course they might have switched off from work, but they will be keeping their eyes and ears open for the latest deals. More than 25% of all emails are sent during the festive season and it’s predicted that over £24billion will be spent over the festive period.

Harnessing in on the unique selling point of your product or service is vital. It will ensure your New Year’s e-marketing campaign has the potential to appeal to your audience. It will help to ensure they convert and hopefully become long-term customers as well.

New Year’s Email Marketing Campaigns

Improving Email Open Rates

When a customer reads your offer – You want them to look like this but it is not always easy.

Whether you’re looking to gain new customers or win previous customers back with an alternative approach for the New Year. Wishing them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year will give you a good opening. As always with an email campaign or broadcast. Spend as much time researching the email subject line as you do drafting the content body itself.

Further Reading From Around the Web

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In Summary

A great email opener can really maximize clickthroughs and deliver twice the traffic of a mediocre or poor subject line. If you are not building swipe files and researching headlines yet then you should be. The concept behind constructing great headlines in articles and social media posts applies equally to designing clever and engaging email subject lines. You are trying to increase the likelihood of engagement each and every time, never ever forget this.

Finding the right timing and providing just the perfect amount of content is important. There’s just no point sending something that people don’t have the time to read. Think about what kind of emails you would like to receive.

What sort of content will have more chance of being opened over the festive period? These are questions that you must ask and answer. Focus on creating something friendly but that gets to the real point of what you are selling. Or something that matches the approach you are taking toward your target audience.