Moving is a costly affair and not having enough to spend on moving leads to a DIY move. Many people opt for a DIY move to save money but end up spending more by paying extra to the rental truck companies. You hire a rental truck to save money but when you calculate the overall cost of a rental truck including gas costs, tools, food, and lodging charges it may even cost more.

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But don’t lose hope and follow the tips given below while negotiating with the rental truck service. These tips can be used by anyone to avail the services of the cheapest moving truck rentals. It will take a little extra effort and a little more planning and you will be able to save a good amount of money. These tips will help you in your already hard time like moving where you have to spend a lot of money.

Timing of the move

The most important tip to save money is to choose the right time for your move hence hiring a truck. Like any other thing, moving is also seasonal and if we avail of this service in the off-season then we are likely to save some money.

As summers, weekends, and month-ends are the busiest months for the moving companies so they charge a hefty amount for their services. Month-ends are often the most popular times for changing or moving as most leases, rental agreements, and closings occur at this time. Also, holidays like Labor Day and Memorial Day will be busy.

So if you want to save money then choose the less popular days and dates as moving companies will be out of work on those days and you will be able to negotiate on the given price easily.


The pick-up and drop location of the truck also impacts the final cost of the rent. If you take the truck from one location and leave it at the other then you will be charged extra. As many movers leave the truck near their destination and don’t return it at its actual place and that cost them more.

It is always advisable to drop your truck at the same location where you have taken it from. This is so because a truck returned at the same location will keep the inventory of the company intact. One-way rental is always higher as the company has to return the truck to its original location.

Compare the Prices of More than One Company  

Don’t just hire the first rental truck company that you come across. It is always a good idea to compare the quotation prices of more than one company. Ask your friends and family for references and visit the selected companies. Negotiate with them after all bargaining is the key to save money in every field of life. You can always ask them to lower the price.

Pricing may vary dramatically from company to company. Choose the cheapest moving quote but ensure that the vehicle is in good condition. If you are approaching these truck rental companies in the off-season, you are likely to save almost half of the actual price. When the business is slow, they readily give their vehicles on unimaginable discounts to make some money.

Know the Right Size of the Truck

Knowing and hiring the right size of the truck is another key point that not only saves your money but also saves your belongings from getting damaged.

Your belongings are most likely to get damaged or broken if moved in an oversize truck. The bigger truck will also cost you much more than a normal size truck. Most companies provide you a guide to select the right size of the moving truck as per your need. For example, a small truck will be fine for a single-bedroom apartment or studio apartment but for a two-bedroom apartment, you may need to hire a middle-sized truck so that all your belongings fit in easily.

Pack your truck smartly to save space and keep your belongings safe. This way you will not only keep your things safe but will also save a hefty amount by choosing a smaller truck.

Be Well Prepared and Packed in Advance

It is very important to pack your belongings well in advance and you should be able to speed up the process of loading. Many companies charge on hourly basis and a speedy move will also save you a few bucks. Make sure you have packed your stuff smartly; for example, label your boxes to speed up the process of loading and unloading.

Look for Discounts

You can also search for online discount codes as these codes are available for almost all rental companies. You can easily save hundreds of dollars by using these codes. You can even call other options after finding a deal for one company. Simply call other companies and ask for better pricing.

Follow this guide and get the best deal on rental trucks for your next move. Happy relocation!