Are you getting ready to move? Portable storage containers are convenient, making moving on your terms and timeline easier.

But just because your belongings will be safe in your storage container doesn’t mean you don’t have to carefully wrap and pack them.

For example, if you have framed artwork and pictures on your walls, you can’t risk simply stacking them inside your portable storage container without a second thought. Piling them inside a large cardboard box isn’t a good idea either.

These six tips will show you how to pack framed art for moving so you can protect your artwork and precious memories properly.

1. Place those boxes in your portable storage container

You must properly arrange your framed art boxes in your portable storage container. First, always place these boxes upright and never flat on their side.

To ensure they don’t move during transportation, try to slide your picture boxes between large boxes or pieces of furniture. You could also slide them between the wall of your portable storage container and a piece of furniture.

And, of course, you should never stack heavy items on top of your picture boxes.

2. Gather the right packing materials

What type of packing materials do you need to pack framed art?

Some moving companies offer picture boxes, perfect for packing framed art and large picture frames and mirrors. They are made of thick cardboard and are ideal for keeping your framed artwork safe.

However, you can make your own from regular cardboard boxes if you don’t have picture boxes. Simply flatten them and seal one of their open ends with packing tape to create two cardboard sleeves, which you can use to pack a large frame.

Apart from boxes, you will need plenty of packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, and painter’s tape. You will also need a marker to label all your boxes.

You probably already have gathered all these packing supplies to prepare for your move. Buying picture boxes for your most precious framed artwork might be the only thing you have to do.

3. Set up your framed art packing station

Your framed artwork can be among the first things you pack as you prepare for your move. When you finally get to your new home, unpacking your art and hanging it on the walls will add a final touch to your decor.

But before you start packing your framed art, set up your art packing station. Clear the table and cover it with a soft, moving blanket. Gather your packing supplies on a part of this table.

Then, go around your home and remove all your framed art and pictures from the walls. Carefully bring them to your packing station.

4. Wrap each frame individually

Take one frame, and remove any sharp hanging brackets and mounting wires you can remove. Keep them in a small plastic bag.

Next, if a piece of glass protects your framed art, use two pieces of painter’s tape to make an X on it from one corner to the other. If the glass cracks during transportation, this X will prevent it from scratching your artwork.

You can also tape a piece of cardboard in front of the glass if you want to. Next, wrap the frame with packing paper as if you were wrapping a birthday gift.

You can then wrap your paper bundle with bubble wrap for extra protection.

5. Place your wrapped frames in boxes

If you have small framed art, you could simply place them together in a small cardboard box.

But don’t place them flat in the box, as it will put some pressure on the frames at the bottom of the stack. Instead, place them vertically on their ends.

For large frames, start by cushioning the bottom of a picture box with either packing paper or bubble wrap. Carefully place your frame inside the box. If there is enough space, you can place two frames in the same box, with a piece of cardboard separating the two.

You don’t want your frames to move inside the box, so fill any space with packing paper.

Then, close the picture box by placing its second section over the frames and secure it with packing tape.

6. Be sure to label your boxes properly

As you should do with any box you pack for your move, you should label your picture boxes. Use a marker to write down what is inside each box, and add the words FRAGILE and HANDLE WITH CARE.

If some friends and family help you pack for your move, they will know right away they have to be very careful while handling these boxes.